Sample Healthcare Paper on Public Health

Public Health

Part 1:

A number of measures have been adopted by the local and state community in addressing health concerns within the community. Two health threats to the public include the prevalence of diabetes among the children and cardiovascular diseases. These are concerns that are also becoming a concern in the global scene considering the major changes in lifestyles and fewer concerns about dieting. The ‘Let’s Move’ campaign instituted by Michelle Obama remains as a huge program or project that has helped improve the status on fighting the concerns of obesity and overweight among children (Batchelder & Matusitz, 2014). The campaign/ program advocates for positive community approaches that are meant to equip parents and guardians on best approaches to be considered in ensuring that children are given the best of care at home and school. This allows parents to know ways through which they can address concerns and triggers for these complications among patients.

Part 2:

Developing a healthcare policy that offers the healthcare facilities an operational balance to support all operations is dependent on the successful implementation of patient safety measures that are applicable both at the state and at federal levels. Social factors are critical in the determination of elements and measures to be considered in the development of these measures to enhance the quality of care to be offered to patients. Social factors to be considered include disparity in provision of healthcare in terms of race differences and financial capability to afford the services they require (Pálsdóttir et al., 2016). On the other hand, political factors are also a major influence in terms of funding needed for operations, the coverage of the program, and the provision of services to the patients. The implementation and enforcement of the policies also depends largely on the systems integrated within the political setting.



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