Sample Healthcare Paper on Quality Improvements

Quality Improvements


Section A3.  External Agencies:  Although it is explained that Fielder is in compliance with external agencies, would you please expand on the specific external agencies such as Centers for Disease Control, Medicare, or Joint Commission, and the external agencies’ specific standards related to each QI:  Sepsis, SSI’s, and readmissions?


Section A4.  Legal Requirements:  Although there is good reference to New York state’s requirements for the 3 QIs, would you be able to please expand how Fielder’s 3 QIs of sepsis, SSI’s, and readmissions are in compliance with necessary federal legal requirements?


  1. Evaluate whether Fielder Medical Center’s three quality improvement initiatives

comply with applicable standards established by external agencies.  For this

rubric, be sure to use external agencies like the Joint Commission.


  1. Evaluate how Fielder Medical Center’s three quality improvement initiatives are

in compliance with the necessary federal and state legal requirements.

Remember that Fielder is in New York, so you may wish to look up their state

requirements pertaining to healthcare quality, or use the federal agencies you

have chosen in the previous rubric when you discuss how Fielder is compliant in

their QI initiatives.