Sample Healthcare Paper on Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health

Overview: For this short essay, due in Module One, you will begin by exploring the program evaluation resources on the CDC website. You will then choose one program and one community from the options listed below to use in your program evaluation plan. Then, in your short essay, you will describe the program selected and the community in which the program will be implemented for your evaluation. The program and community selected are the basis for your final project this term.

Prompt: First, choose one of the following public health programs to focus on for your final project. Links to these programs are located in the learning environment discussion prompt and Resource section of the module.

• REACH: Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (located under Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity)

Visit the CDC websites for the programs’ evaluation resources to learn more about each program. Ideally, the program you select to evaluate from the list above should be on a health topic in which you have an interest and see yourself using in the future, or one that has been used in a population on which you plan to focus.

Once you have identified a program, narrow down what you are evaluating by identifying a specific community (population or city) where your chosen program is being implemented.

Explore the CDC Program Impact website and review the Community Examples List (located in the learning environment discussion prompt) for options of actual cities/populations you could use for your evaluation. You may choose a community on the CDC site, from the Community Examples list, or one of interest to you.

In a 2- to 3-paragraph Word document, identify the CDC program and community you are selecting and address the following:
• Rationale: Provide a rationale for your choice and discuss potential relevance to you personally.
• Public Health Issue: What public health issue is addressed by the program? Briefly describe how it is addressed.
• Targeted Populations: What populations within the selected community are targeted by the program? Briefly describe how the populations are targeted.
• Community Health Needs: What community health needs is the program targeting?
Refer to the CDC Program Impact website and to the other course resources to support your responses.