Sample Healthcare Paper on Social Media Discussion: Population Health Problems

Extensive population surveys have played a significant role in ensuring that we have rich data on substance use in the United States. Various surveying bodies, such as Monitoring the Future (MTF), have pointed out several substance abuse trends. According to Thomas (2020), many individuals are striving to fight addiction in the United States. The author further outlines data on drug abuse and drug use disorders. In America, 19.7 million people aged above 12 were battling substance use disorders as of 2017. Of the population, 74% struggled with alcoholism, and 38% were suffering from an illegal drug abuse disorder. From the data, one adult out of eight struggled with both diseases, alcohol, and illicit drug abuse, simultaneously. More than 8 million Americans suffered from co-occurring disorders in the same year, whereby someone would suffer from a mental health disorder and a drug abuse disorder. American society loses more than $740 million yearly to drug and substance abuse in terms of work output at a workplace and crime-related expenses (Thomas, 2020).

National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) is an American organization established in 1935 as a research center and later made a Federal focal point in 1974. The mission of NIDA is to research the causes and consequences of drug use and analyze how to advance science to improve the population health in the USA. Therefore, NIDA’s responsibility is to solve the most critical questions on drug abuse. The organization achieves its mission through detection and response to every emerging issue on drug abuse. The organization understands how a drug works in the body, and the brain hence can develop a method that can be used in the treatment and prevention of drug addiction. The organization also supports career development, public education, and research propagation efforts. Through government funding and grants, the organization can tackle drug abuse’s biological, behavioral, social, and environmental causes. The organization can also develop plans that will prevent the consequences of drug abuse. The funding also helps the organization significantly impact controlling drug and substance abuse (NIDA, 2018).

Most nurses do not feel comfortable assisting someone to live a life of addiction (Bartlett et al., 2013). Nurses can collaborate with NIDA to help clients manage drug abuse’s various effects in the healthiest way possible. Many nursing practices in the US allow nurses to counsel addicts and help them achieve a better health state. A nurse may not quickly achieve the goal of entirely stopping someone from drug use but can advise the persons against excessive drug use. Moreover, the nurse can teach the addict to practice a healthy living by reducing drugs’ health impacts and not spreading infections without violating the nursing ethical standards and laws (Bartlett et al., 2013). Nurses alongside NIDA promote health among the addicts. Nurses also advise pregnant mothers against smoking to ensure that they give birth to healthy infants. It is essential to note that exposing an infant to cigarette smoke increases the chances of neonatal illness or even death.

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