Sample Healthcare Paper on The Effectiveness of using ISO 9000 series on healthcare services

Write a report on “The Effectiveness of using ISO 9000 series on healthcare services quality provided in the healthcare Organizations: in the form of Quantitative study”.
relevant to the UAE context of business environment in
relation to quality and business excellence addressing the following: 1.Appraise the background and relevant literature review using learned methods and techniques to address the particular quality management system issues/problems.
2. Evaluate quality management approaches for implementation of standardized systems and validate findings for improvements based on the collected data.
3. Elaborate the findings to justify the implementation of quality management systems and propose suitable recommendations in relevance to the best practices of quality management system and approaches.
report to include also : Literature Review. Methods/Approaches , Findings, analysis, and discussion, and Recommendations.
– journal articles/conference papers from ProQuest.

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Discipline: Quality Management system