Sample History Essay on War


In past years, many kingdoms used wars to achieve their economic and political objectives. In 20th century, the two world wars were marked as the worse battles to happen in human history. After the two battles ended, there was cold war when Soviet Union and Americans were in competition to achieve authority. The expense that applied in this kind of wars was high especially when a party became defeated. The purpose of this paper is to reveal why states engaged in wars even after they incurred death and loose of property.

The reasons why super powers decided to be part of the battles are because they wanted to share their political ideologies to various states. As a result, they used force to fight back against the battles. Furthermore, another factor that contributed to cold war is because the US wanted a non-communist way of administration that belonged to the Koreans. However, their counterparts Soviet Union preferred to enhance the communist ideology.  The effect of the Korean War is that it involved the whole area. This was beneficial to the Americans because they were in a position to extend their cold war plan to Asia.

In Iraq, there was Gulf war occurred because they rejected to cooperate with UN sanctions and also attempted to control oil supply. As a result, this forced the US to intervene in the matter by reinforcing harmony in Arab states (Kaiser, 2000).  Gulf war was not real but it served as a platform for the US to exhibit their military authority. Failure of the Iraq government to coordinate with UN facilitated to the Iraq battle that took place in 2003. The US engaged in the Gulf war because they wanted to maintain peace and invest in Arab states. Clearly, Americans are the major clients of oil. This implies that if the project stops, it will affect them both politically and economically.


Kaiser, D. E 2000. American tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the origins of the Vietnam War. Cambridge, Mass, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.




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