Sample History Essays on Vietnam War

America’s involvement in Vietnam War

Vietnam War was originally fought between the North Vietnam and South Vietnam where the former was supported by allies such as China, Soviet Union and other communist allies.  The later on the other hand was supported by anti-communist allies such as America and South Korea. America had the incentive of ending the communist domination in Vietnam and supported the war through increasing both financial and military resources. US soldiers relied on air support which was able to search and destroy ground forces and other air strikes (Logerall et al. 77). Its involvement was to reduce communist domination in Vietnam and neighboring countries leading to balance of power in Southeast Asia.

Unjustified Involvement into War

Considering the different events throughout the war, it seems America had selfish interest and Vietnam was just a cover-up of the cold war between America and the Soviet Union. Air strikes used in the war were majorly dropped in human habitats and forests leading to destruction of nature and killing of innocent civilians thereby raising a question whether America was saving Vietnam over communists by destroying it (Robinson et al. 450). Moreover, involvement in the war was just motivated by pride, power and money and engaging the fight with communists in Northern Vietnam was to prove their ability to finance war against the communists. America falsified information of trying to restore democracy in Vietnam by engaging the North Vietnam in war only deprived the citizens of their freedom to determine and choose their own government.

Lessons Learnt from Vietnam War

Governments have learned on the negative impacts of war on the lives of people and their countries stability after the war. Additionally, every human life is sacred and must be protected by means of giving a person to choose their democratic right without deciding the fate. By eliminating unnecessary military support and replacing it with voluntary military, increased professionalism and service delivery has lowered negative opinion of being unwillingly exposed to life-threatening situations in the service to one country (Van Cuong et al. 17).


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