Sample History Movie Review on ‘Weeds’

Movie Review


Race and America suburbs are very prevalent social elements in American history. Social adjustments after the Second World War altered the domestic front to a white- middle class family. Support from the government in the form of federal housing administration further created solidarity within the neighborhoods through homogeneity and attractiveness. The study seeks to highlight how the televisions show, ‘Weeds’, influenced family structures at home and work within the theme of an American Dream. The study seeks to find out how Weeds reconstructs hegemonic notions of suburbia and the American Dream.

‘Weeds’ is a first season movie show which premiered from 2005 to present and consists of ten episodes. The show revolves around Nancy Botwin,a drug dealer widow living together with her two children in Agrestic in Los Angeles (Parker and Tonye, min 3). She is involved with drug dealing business-selling marijuana. As she struggles to fend for her family and sustain her business and her high-class lifestyle, she realizes that drug dealing business is very challenging.


According to the setting and the family perception created in the show, a stable family consists of a father as the breadwinner, mother as the homemaker and children developing in the suburban home. The physical home is the main point of attention for the suburban family, with all the rooms within the vicinity of the camera. Kitchen was assumed as the space for the mother with the assistance of the family who came in and out of it to assist. The home was therefore a space set aside within the neighborhood to bring up a united family with children raised up in the image of the parents. Family was the central point of the shows, creating the theme of parents and children within the sub-urban America. Such programs are therefore essential in family setup as they draw the attention of most families.

The relationship present within the race and the suburban is strained and evolving. Purchasing a home in the suburbs was challenging for non-white families. Additionally, families from similar races were not allowed to own houses within a block but to own homes with separations to prevent one color dominating the blocks. This plan does not reduce conflicts as it dominates the show where resolution and reconciliation was problematic as well.

Race and America suburbs remain one dominating theme in the show even as the issue of destruction of the family setup is highlighted. this is contrary the reality in that period when family harmony was greatly appreciated (Parker and Tonye, 32). The show reconstructs hegemonic notions of suburbia and the American Dream, by revolving the plot around Mrs. Botwin and her drug dealing business.

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