Sample History Paper of the SDA Church

Sample History Paper of the SDA Church

The seventh Day Adventist (SDA) is a Protestant denomination well-known for its observance of Saturday that is the seventh day of the week in the Jewish and Christian calendars as their Sabbath day. The faith was found in the United States of America in the mid-19th century and was established in 1863 officially. The General Conference is a body that governs the SDA church worldwide. This paper is discusses the chronology of events of the church from the year 1861 to 1892.

1861:  A publishing work was incorporated under the name of the Seventh Day Adventist, and a local conference was also incorporated under the same name in the United States of America. This was one year after in a conference held in 1862 mutually agreed to call their denomination, the Seventh Day Adventist (Syme, Eric Douglas, 13)

1862: Additional formation of seven local conferences. In a conference held in Michigan, The first annual conference meeting of the denomination takes place in Michigan.

1863: A General Conference was formed by leaders from six out of the entire eight local conferences. The General Conference was mandated to guide the churches.

1864: The Adventist church was given a noncombatant status in a civil war that was ongoing.

1866: The Seventh Day Adventists built the first sanitarium at Battle Creek. The Health Reformer, a health journal was the first written by the church.

1868: For the first time in its history, the church sent workers to California. The first camp meeting was also held in this year.

1869: The first missionary society was formed in Europe following a request from John Erzberger.

1872: Joseph Bates dies. Battle Creek becomes the first Seventh Day Adventist College to operate.

1874: The denomination expands and includes churches in different countries with different languages and its population increases. J. N Andrews is sent to Switzerland.

1876: France gets news about the denomination. The first Seventh Day Adventist church is built in Germany.

1877: A missionary, J. G Matteson is sent as the first missionary to Scandinavia.

1878: Offerings from a Sabbath school are collected and set to be used for mission work. Two missionaries Loughborough and Ings are sent to England.

1879: The first youth society is organized on behalf of young people in the denomination by Harry Fenner and Luther Warren.

1880: The Seventh Day Adventist carries out its first baptism in England. The first ever conference to be conducted outside North America is conducted in Denmark.

1881: The denomination is hit by the death of James White, one of its founder members. A peddler of religious books released.

1883: The Battle Creek College starts training nurses. J. N Andrews dies.

1885: A missionary is sent to Australia for the first time. Ellen White pays Europe a religious visit.

1886: The first church to be organized in Russia began working.

1887: Missionaries are sent to Africa in South Africa (Cape Town) for the first time. A camp meeting is conducted in Norway; the first one in Europe. The peddler of religious books reaches Guyana.

1888: A missionary, Abram Larue is sent to Hong Kong. General Conference meeting is held in Minneapolis.

1889: SDA missionaries visit Turkey. A Religious Liberty Organization is organized.

1890: The first manual related to youth leadership is published.

1891: Ellen White visits Australia. The denomination gets established in Mexico.



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