Sample History Paper on African American History Since 1865

African American History Since 1865

What are the two most significant consistent themes in African American history since 1865?

There is great proof that history has a great blend of continuities and change, this is evident when one tries to compare the dynamics of exercise of particular practices such as democracy that have been existence from colonial times. Americans for instance, have realized a great decree of freedom from ancient days to the present day to due to the ability to participate in governance and other politically initiated practices that guide in unleashing the historical truths. In the African American history, civil rights and slavery are the two themes that have a long standing impact in their experiences. Though we have other practices such as segregation, migration, religion and feminism, the impact of racism and slavery have greatly impacted their peaceful coexistence.

What are the two most significant changes? Thoroughly explain your answers. please use one of the two themes as the civil war/ civil rights.

Racism always hindered the African Americans from participating in social activities together with the dominant Whites who felt more superior than any other race in the United States. The African Americans had a cruel life under slavery as the Whites used them in farms and other labor related practices (Clavin, 2014). Statistics state that close to 6000 slaves narrated their encounters while being enslaved in North America, a number of slaves during this early 19th century encountered deaths as special injustices were labeled against them (Johnson, 2014). The slaves were divided into women and men with each group doing a specific task.

The aspect of civil rights gained root for the period 1865-1895 which represents the period when the African Americans employed mechanisms that would ensure that certain aspects of societal injustices were eliminated such (Clavin, 2014). For instance, the reformists aimed at abolishing racial discrimination against African Americans, improving the standards of education and agitate for better employment opportunities as well as enactment of initiatives providing for right to vote.

Choose two past events in African American history in 1865 to present and connect them to two current issues for the African American community. Explain how the issues compare and contrast.

The duration after the end of the civil wars marked the beginning of this practices that would ensure that the African Americans substantially gained equally abilities to exercise their rights as freedom like their White counterparts. There was also a great achievement for African Americans as in 1896, there was the ruling of the Plessy vs Ferguson case that provided for equality of men stating the separate but equal slogan. The move was also meant to enhance the lives of the African Americans as they were allowed to own property (Johnson, 2014). It is however observed that, efforts by the whites to deny the African Americans their rights and freedom, led to the rise of some local groupings such as the Ku Klux Klan which teamed up to cause violence specifically to the Whites (Clavin, 2014).

Has there been improvement? Progress?

In the society today, the Black Americans have remained to be targets even with the end of ancient day colonialism, the Whites have ganged up against the Blacks associating them with every form of violence that has existed ever since. The issue of gun violence is a wide aspect that is greatly associated with Black Americans more than the Whites. There are also modern forms of slavery against the Blacks as observed by the increasing imprisonment of African Americans more than any other race in the United States. This is because Blacks are confined for any minor mistake they make. There have been great changes of these activities as African Americans are now able to occupy elective posts such as the current president who is an African American. The laws that the federal stated has drafted apply to all individuals equally.



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