Sample History Paper on Ancient Church History

The development of the ancient church and early Christianity was majorly contributed by; political contributions by the Romans, intellectual contributions by the Greeks, and religious contributions by the Jews. Before coming of Christ, Romans added politically in the environment. Firstly, they developed a unity of humankind, creating a favorable environment for the world for the reception of the gospel. The Romans also developed excellent road systems. These roads made it easy for preachers to travel in their quest to spread the gospel. The fact that Roman soldiers kept peace around the world also helped in the development of the ancient church. The order continued made it easier for early Christians to move from one region to the other, preaching the word of God. Also, the Romans had many successful conquests,  a move that made other communities lose their beliefs, creating a spiritual vacuum that had to be filled by the new Christianity.

Secondly, the Greeks contributed intellectually to the development of the ancient church. Developing a new religion needed a universal language to help spread the gospel. The Greeks’ significant contribution to ancient church development was ensuring the Greek word became famous by making it a vernacular at the time. Also, the Greek people did this by engaging in religious activities and trying to make the world ready to accept the Christian religion when it came. The Greek philosophies available also prepared the environment around them for the coming of Christianity by destroying older religions that had existed before.

Lastly, the Jews made religious contributions to the development of Christianity. The Jews built synagogues, which were places of worship; people would gather at the synagogues to listen to the gospel. The Jews also contributed by giving people hope, the Messianic promise. The Jews offered the world a ray of hope by preaching the coming of a Messiah who would bring righteousness to the world.




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