Sample History Paper on Cotton in Antebellum Arkansas

Cotton was a vital crop to the American economy. Through cotton growing, America grew economically. In 1980s cotton was not a well-grown crop because the seed was difficult to separate from the fiber thus needing more labor. One of the factors that led to increase in growth of cotton was the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney; through the cotton gin, cotton farmers were able to separate the cotton fiber form it seeds easily and quickly. This motivated Arkansas to grow more cotton. Additionally, cotton became so dominant in Antebellum Arkansas due to the invention and development of industrial spinning. Through industries, farmers were able to manufacture cotton threads and move them out of cottages and homes.

Another factor that made cotton to be dominant was the development of the steam engine; the steam engine was safe and small enough to be used by individual factories. Through steam engine invention, there was a great industrial revolution and this contributed to a rise in the production of cotton. Regardless of cotton being produced in large quantities, there was a ready market and this motivated farmers to grow the crop. Those who grew rice and cotton started to grow cotton due to the ready market hence making cotton dominant in antebellum Arkansas. Cotton was profitable and many southerners depended on cotton as a source of income. Ready markets played a vital role in cotton growing as well as boosted the economy of the United States.