Sample History Paper on History of American People

History of American People

This paper discusses a brief history of the American people between 17th and 18th century. The paper is divided into two parts with the former focusing on the Puritan society and the Middle Colonies while the latter focusing on the long-term factors that led to both French and Indian Wars. In the first part, the paper uses there examples to discuss the longevity of the Puritan society. It also uses three examples to discuss how the Middle Colonies become distinctive during that time. The second part discusses how the relations with Native Americans led to the French and Indian War. It also discusses the continuation of antebellum slavery in America.

Part A

During the early 17th century, the Church of England had a profound influence in various aspects of Americans life such as social, culture, politics, ethnicity, as well as theological ideologies. The British moved to United States in 1600s and established the Puritan society. Between 17thand 18th century, the Puritan society in America was marked with longevity of ideologies and affiliation. First, they stressed on key religious values the growth of the society. As a result, many Native Americans joined the puritan society orchestrating religious values and their theological ideologies. Secondly, the puritansinfluenced the formation of American democratic thoughts and individualism, which is a mark of their increasing influence. The third example that shows the increasing longevity of Puritan society is how they shaped the national character of Americans to become thrifty and hard working people.

The Middle Colonies was made up of five small colonies namely the Pennsylvania, the New Jersey, the Delaware, the New Netherlands, and the New York. They controlled Americans between 16th and 17thcenturies rising to become distinctive powers in the region during that period. They used three major tools and approaches to outpace their southern and northern neighbors thus rising to distinctive powers in the region. First is the freedom of religious practice that they allowed to be practiced in the region. This approachincreased religious diversity in the religion allowing them to become distinct power. Secondly, they controlled and influenced how the people practiced politics in the region. The Middle Colonies became a strong political influence in the region allowing them to consolidate power. Lastly, the Middle Colonies controlled the regional economy.

Part B

The French and Indian War started in 1754 and ended in 1763 with the establishment of Treaty of Paris in the same year. It was one of the longest North American conflicts lasting for nearly seven years. The first factor that caused the warwas the frontier tensions between the two leading colonialists namely the British and the French. They were against the colonists’ intention of extending their colonial territory to the northern region. Another contributing factor was the long-term border wrangles between British and French colonials. The border between the two colonials was not well defined. Lastly, the territorial dispute over the Ohio River valley also contributed to the War. The poor British colonial’s relations with Native Americans fueled French to start the war.

Slavery in North America begun during the early 17th century through the influence of colonial powers. They used imported Africans as well as native red Indians as slaves working in their farms, plantations, as well as homesteads. However, some changes happened to the slavery after the departure of colonial powers. The antebellum slavery started decreasing as people get freedom. Racial discrimination was the central aspect that defined slavery in the region. The colonial whites used only Africans and native red Indians as slaves.