Sample History Paper on History of Work Health and Safety Laws

Instructions This is a written assignment in which you are expected to demonstrate writing and researching skills of university standard. Your task is to research the history of WHS, from ancient times through to the early British and Australian histories*. In your essay: Describe the history of WHS from ancient times, through to the Middle Ages, to the Factory Acts of Great Britain. Describe the Robens Report of 1972, including its findings and recommendations. Describe the harmonisation of Australia’s WHS laws, including any latest developments in your jurisdiction and others. You are expected to refer to peer-reviewed, primary sources (i.e. textbooks, journal articles and Government websites) and credible websites when responding to the above tasks. (*If you are located in another country, you may write about that country’s history and current laws.) Evaluation criteria Use the marking guide show below to guide your work. The ECU Quick Guide to Referencing (Links to an external site.) contains details of the accepted structure and formatting of in-text and end-text referencing requirements. Any other style of referencing is unacceptable. Failure to provide in-text and end-text referencing, or use of a different style, is a serious matter and may result in a fail grade. Please note the following: Your essay should include the following: Title Page Introduction Main Body (include relevant subheadings as you see fit) Conclusion References Font size, type and spacing must be as shown in the Essay Template (or as described in the Student Induction Handbook). Quality of writing is expected to be at postgraduate level and should not contain grammatical or spelling errors, etc. Refer to this Essay Template Download Essay Template as to how to write each section of your assignment, especially the Introduction, Conclusion and Referencing, as well as standard font type, size and spacing. Marks will be deducted if you deviate from these standards. The word limit includes your Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion and in-text referencing. It does not include your Title Page, Contents Page, Reference List or Appendices. Marks will be deducted for exceeding the word limit by more than 10%. You will need to ensure you correctly cite relevant legislation and supporting materials within your report. A minimum of five references is recommended, and should encompass a mixture of sources, e.g. textbooks, journal articles, internet resources etc.