Sample History Paper on The American Civil War

The American Civil War

The Civil War started due to various  confrontation regarding the institutions of slavery such as the Missouri Comprise of 1820, Nat Turner’ Rebellion of 1831, the Wilmot Proviso of 1846-1850, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1852. It also resulted from the Dred Scott and Sanford saga in 1857.

The Missouri’s statehood request as a slave state ignited a bitter nationwide debate. The legislators of Missouri advocated slavery and gave it a Congressional majority leading to its compromise.

The Nat Turner’s Rebellion initiated a movement that captured many plantations in southern Virginia leading to the death of about sixty white individuals. The lawmakers of Virginia rolled back the possession of civil rights slaves and free Africans alongside the prohibition of their education and assembly.

The Wilmot Proviso debate triggered discussion of secession since it focused on outlawing slavery in US acquired territory due to the war. The Compromise led to Fugitive Slave Act (FSA) alongside a rise in polarization amongst the centrist citizens.

The decision of Dred Scot triggered southern Virginia residents to renew contest to the slave territorial limitations leading to the intensification of the polarization.

The trends in politics and social arising from the war are still witnessed in the present day. Many nations still engage in concerted efforts to dictate others with persistent oppression of the minorities. For example, most parliamentarians in African States still make draconian laws that oppress the minorities. The people identify with their ethnic groups mostly in African leading to poor leadership and discomfort and lack of trust in governments.

The civil war was due to poor leadership as the legislators engaged in poor and inhumane laws that facilitated the oppression of others. The decision on pro-slavery by Missouri members of parliament was irrational leading to uncalled for Missouri Compromise.