Sample History Paper on The American Constitution

The American Constitution

The most important provision of the United States constitution is section 1 of the constitution after the fourteenth amendment because it defines an American citizen and the rights and privileges of such an individual (Kommers, Finn,& Jacobsohn, 2004, P. 892). For decades, slave trade and racial discrimination had split the American nation into white and black races. This racial discrimination had political undertones and prevented the blacks from enjoying their constitutional rights as American citizens. The amendment of the constitution saw the unity of America making the nation fair to all and bringing justice. The aim of the law is to protect the rights of the innocent and to ensure justice, freedom, and fairness exists in the society.

These amended laws proved to the world that fairness of America and promotion of togetherness was key . It is barbaric and heinous to implement the law along racial lines. Abolition of slave trade and unity of America increased the togetherness and hard work of the economy towards the attainment of a super power nation. This has seen to the rise of American heroes, the likes of President Barrack Obama, Martin Luther King Junior and the rest. The fourteenth amendment has been instrumental and very necessary.


Response 1

            The first student points out that the right to own fire arms is important. However, I do feel that citizens who are not part of the defense forces or the police should not be granted the right to have firearms. Owning a gun does not necessarily make you safe; in fact, it makes a person more prone to danger than before. For example, robbers hunt down individual armed with licensed guns to rob them off and use it for breaking the law. This simple case scenario leads to the deaths of people and innocent civilians with others being held hostage. Children in the United States have died because of gaining illegal possession of their parents’ gun and experimenting with it. These unwarranted accidents can be prevented by barring civilians from owning guns. Some temperamental citizens have often used the gun as a means of avenging misdeeds and injustice done to them. This is against the constitution and is a violation of human rights.

Response 2

            The second student challenges the law that bars alcohol consumption on the premise that his peers have the ability to take life but under command. I not only find this argument unjustified but also, narrow and lack of a solid ground. First, an eighteen year old is fresh from high school, such a person is so much driven to experiment and exploit new forms of freedoms that parents used to bar them from venturing in. Moreover, such an individual is simply curious and in the experimenting phase. Soldiers act under orders, alcohol and drug consumption is a personal choice. The student’s premise argument is not valid, acting under orders and making personal decisions are two different things. Besides, a soldier undergoes meticulous training while alcohol consumption needs no special training. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, it is a free America, but this student sounds like a teenager who really wants to experiment with alcohol, the more reason he should be barred from trying out. Good decisions are not made based on urges but on sound reasoning and justification of action.


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