Sample History Paper on The Mexican American War Documentary

The Mexican American War Documentary depicts a unique historical event in America. The war was the first time America fought outside its territorial boundaries. The war documentary depicts the cause of the war as border skirmishes between the Mexicans and U.S soldiers along the Nueces River, which both countries considered to be part of their territories (De La Hoya 2:40). The documentary presents various themes, with territorial conflict being the most significant one. The theme of territorial conflict is extensively discussed through features such as the division of the Mexican armies (When the U.S was conqueror 0:30). International relations also rise as part of the themes in the documentary. Besides the border skirmishes, the hostility between the two countries was fueled by the already strained relationship even before the skirmishes.

The historical depth provided by the documentaries in the course made me realize that I am still unknowledgeable about history. There is still so much that I need to study and I am certain that I will never be completely knowledgeable in history. The level of historical exposure obtained during my university days cannot be compared to what I gained during my K-12. The history I learned during my pre-university education can be considered as a preface to what I have learned so far in university. Nonetheless, the background I gained during those pre-university years helped me significantly in catching up with the deeper history content in university. I believe that understanding the historical events such as the Mexican American war provides a background for understanding the contemporary U.S culture and identity. The geographical jurisdictions of the U.S and Mexico both define the cultures and identities of the nations.



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