Sample History Paper on Winston Churchill The iron curtain

The fall of the iron curtain. In his speech, Churchill has a bitter tone due to the division in Europe as the Russian administration spearheads it. After hailing the might of the American people, he is urging them to support Britain and other English speaking people to stand up against communism and counter its advancement. There is a feeling that the fall of the Nazi administration is being replaced by communist organizations that are tyrannical or “Police governments” suppressing the freedom of the people and the world cannot just sit and wait to see what will happen next. He feels that the United Nations lacks the necessary mechanism to neither control this trend nor even prevent the occurrence of another world war. “The United Nations Organization must immediately begin to be equipped with an international armed force.”  (EWC 29.7, Winston Churchill, “The Iron Curtain”)

In his perspective, the most significant political problem causing the split between Western Europe and the Soviet Union is the desire for supremacy and spread of each facts ideologies. This has led to the Soviet Union influence the Eastern Europe countries to apply its communism ideologies which he Churchill deems oppressive to humanity. The arms race whereby every fact wants to develop and pile the most sophisticated weapons has led to the growth of suspicion. The secrecy in weapon production among allies escalates the tension. That is why the division is intensive. That is why Churchill retaliates on the fall of the iron curtain in Europe.

By the fact that Churchill is making his remark in the United States and trying to woe the Americans and all the other English speakers seems he feels alienated in his opinion. We could have expected the American President to make the remarks instead. The United Nations secretariat ought to have aired on its inadequacies in its quest to maintain world peace and present it to the summit.



29.7 Winston Churchill, “The Iron Curtain”