Sample HR Management Paper on Brand Strategies

Brand image is a constituent part of a business, and any progressive organization ought to be mindful of their key instruments of marketing. An organization, in a bid to remain and improve in business is always mindful of the general perception its products and services has on both the current and potential clients. In order to create a footing in the competitive market, organizations must invest in their brands and must conduct brand audits which will enable them to identify the areas the brand has been effective as well as other areas where a brand has not been making a significant impact for them in the market place.

Competitive Analysis

A brand is the distinguishing factor between the products and services of person A from those of other competitors (Keller K. L, p 30). In company XYZ property managers, dealing with real estate management, the name of the company in itself tells of the kind of services offered by the company. One thing an organization must appreciate is that the brand is informed by the consumers and should be able to meet their needs. The departments within the organization, especially marketing, must be alive to the spirit and purpose of the brand as they form the profit driver of the organization and will assist an organization to leverage and reinforce the brand promise (Keller K. L, p 40).

Strategic and Tactical Recommendations

In XYZ property managers, one of the areas where the brand may be challenged is in selling itself to a larger market than the local consumers. One strategy that could be employed is to create a website and market it on social media sites. This will create awareness to a larger market and ultimately prove to be a key marketing tool. Partnering with other institutions providing related products could also be a strategy of marketing a brand, as an organization will be able to provide its clients with more ways in which they can exploit the brand (Keller K.L, p 40). While developing and improving a brand, it is also important to have a strategy that promises a long-term business relationship (Keller K.L, p. 41). In organizations that deal with services more than products as the case with XYZ property managers, it is important to have a brand symbol that makes the abstract nature of services more concrete.



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