Sample HR Management Paper on Economic value of good selection

Economic value informs an organizations spending on staffing decisions and policies. What this basically means for example is an organization spending on hiring its staff and the value it gets from such decisions. Every organization aims to getting value from the workers or staff it hires. The work of the human resource department is to offer guidance on how to settle for the best options that will help the organization in achieving its economic goals and remaining committed to its mandate. This is because the most qualified and suitable candidate will blend in easily and be of value to an organization and help it to achieve its targets.

The financial results of an organization are informed by leadership, employee commitment, productivity and internal processes (Kumar & Basu. September 2019).The role of the human resource is to ensure that while management has its eye stuck on economic gains, it does not make blunders that make this effort fail to bear fruit. In hiring, the role of the human resource is to ensure that those who are hired are well qualified and will take minimal time to synchronize and ensure that an organization makes the targeted economic goals. In depth interviews by the human resource also identify candidates who are enthusiastic about the qualifications they can bring to an organization (Mayhew. May 08, 2019).

Going for the best option when hiring saves an organization time and resources spent in training and places it on a plane of goals achievement. Good selection saves an organization from high turnover rates, ensures employee engagement, sustained performance and employee retention (Mayhew. May 08, 2019). Human resource helps in getting a candidate who demonstrates commitment that may predict their level of commitment to the organization. Special abilities and talents are also identified that may help an organization in achieving its targets more easily.


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