Sample HR Management Paper on Enchantment


The highlight of the video was that any business possesses the ability to enchant in the same way as the winning and successful brands across the globe. Enchantment is the practice of delighting people with commodities, services, or notions. It is the result of ready and lasting commitment, which is mutually advantageous. In this regard, enchantment acts as a perfect means of sales and marketing. Kawasaki (2011) affirms that either in business or in personal interrelations, one’s objective should not be to acquire what he/she desires, but to create a voluntary, long-term, and pleasant transformation into/ of others.

One of the lessons that can be taken from the video is that while people are working in a company, the most striking aspect of a product should be its excellence, and the satisfaction it offers to the customer. Successful products and services are all-inclusive and empowering; they give a sense of creativity, and offer joy. The products, services, statements, positioning, and branding have to be concise, charming, and swallowable. Another lesson is that people should endeavor to carry out a pre-mortem instead of a post-mortem strategies at all times. Contrary to a post-mortem that occurs too late to be beneficial, a pre-mortem strategy usually entails consulting the team to ensure success. A pre-mortem involves talking in an unemotional manner on the best approach of eliminating problems (Kawasaki, 2011).

This video shall influence working with others through encouraging effective teamwork and collaboration for enhanced success. Collaborating creates confidence through facilitating strong team relationships (Kawasaki, 2011). Collaboration and teamwork assist people to open up and support one another. Regardless of occasional disagreements, effective communication in a team generates amicable solutions and guarantees success.



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