Sample HR Management Paper on Recruitment method

A good strategy for recruiting employees helps in finding the best clientele to work in the organization. Recruiting methods include social and online recruiting, employment branding, and mobile outreach. Each method of recruiting has its advantages and disadvantages. The method that attracts my attention is the online recruiting. According to (Rahman et al. 2014),online recruiting involves the use of channels, such as job boards and social networks. Businesses and organizations have begun using technology for most of its operations. Online recruiting is efficient and does not consume a lot of time and energy. It eliminates the unqualified personnel before the selection of the managers in the organization.

Online recruitment is also known as E-recruitment since it’s the use of webs; software’s to attract and evaluate people to hire in an organization. Candidates may be interviewed online after selection before calling for a physical interview. These help in saving costs while selecting people whose personalities fit the organization’s goals. This recruitment method interests me because it can be used together with another offline method. Performing online recruitment requires the following steps to ensure no unnecessary conflict or delays due to poor communication(Rahman et al. 2014). The first step is to post a job ad that will attract interested applicants. The next step is to seek employee referrals, followed by sourcing candidates on portfolio sites. Selected candidates will then undergo a pre-employment test to validate their qualifications. The candidates can be interviewed through video interviewing software before been called for the job. After which the final selection is made.




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