Sample HR Paper on e-Recruiting in HRM

e-Recruiting in HRM

The study of Human Resource Management (HRM) enables students to understand how HR managers carry out their responsibilities. Among various topics that I have covered in HRM415 class, e-recruiting was quite interesting to me, as it has enhanced my knowledge how I can utilize technology to hire new employees. Nowadays, many job applicants have turned to online systems to search for jobs as well as gathering information concerning employment opportunities in various organizations (Gueutal & Stone, 2005). Apart from attracting many job applicants, e-recruitment has enabled organizations to attract the best candidates, who are capable of navigating through the Internet effectively.

One of the realistic previews about e-recruitment is that the company is likely to gain friends and clients through online job offers.  Candidates are able to get more information about the company through online connections with the company’s employees, and such candidates may refer others to seek services or products from the company. This study of e-recruitment has also enlightened me how to HR managers can conduct ability tests without employing too many supervisors. The managers may like to engage as many candidates as possible to come up with the best, but time and cost may restrict them to do so. This system has also made it easier to gather only relevant information from the candidates.

In future, I would like to see HR managers using e-recruitment to use video links to connect to candidates who may be too far from the point where interviews are being conducted. Meeting face-to-face with the candidates is still valuable for the HR managers, thus, connecting the candidates using video links can assist in making non-verbal judgment on the candidates. In this case, HR professionals are capable of judging whether e-recruitment is meeting the overall staffing goals (Gueutal & Stone, 2005). Candidate who would like to demonstrate their innovative skills should be offered such chances through video link.



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