Sample HR Paper on Position of HR in advising Leadership/Management

Within the job place, there will always be disagreements between the leadershiup and those below them. People are opined differently and they also express their displeasure differently. As a wise leader, once approached with an issue like the present one between Millie and Cathy, it is important to apply wisdom so that you maintain your credibility and respect. Any information about a person from another person within a department should not take a leader to boiling point but a true leader should be composed, and should also consult with the Human Resorce department so that whatever action they take will be the most appropriate and also so that Cathy is also treated fairly.

As a leader, any action taken should be well weighed so that it doesn’t end up creating more rifts than cohesion nand progress. In the present matter, taking a disciplinary action against Cathy just because Millie revealed some hurting issues would not be wise. All employees should be treated equally, and whatever they have to say should also be taken seriously. A wise leader welcomes criticism and is open for feedback, because this is what helps them to know where to make changes and where to improve.

Ordinarily, a normal person may get upset with Cathy and apply serious discipline to make her feel the consequences for her actions. But it is also important to appreciate that the information given by Millie cannot be substantiated. Unless Millie confirms what she alleges Cathy has done in the presence of Cathy, then such information should not be treated with finality. Employees are protected by law and hence any disciplinary action should be well informed and calculated to avoid legal repurcursions (Liebler & McConnell, p.531) that may arise from ignorance and lack of emotional intelligence.

Since the employees welfare and performance is with the Human resourse department, a leader could choose to share the situation with the HR department so that they can also give their input (Liebler & McConnell, p.531). The HR will also advise on the appropriate measure to be taken in the event that it turns out to be true that Cathy is guilty or even if what Millie reported was mere shenanigans. The HR will be able to convey employees grievances (Liebler & McConnell, p.530) if there are any and will also be the voice of reason for a manager so that before taking action, the why around a situation is established (Liebler & McConnell, p.531).



Liebler, J. G., & McConnell, C. R. (2017). Management principles for health professionals. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.