Sample HRM Paper on Application Exercise

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an authen5c context to apply your
analy5cal skills and to reflect on the fundamental IHRM concepts you are learning in this
Discussion Prompt
You work for a US MNE that has developed subsidiaries with both large numbers of
expats and large numbers of local hires in these countries (Netherlands, Denmark,
Sweden). You have been asked to implement the HQ-designed performance
management process in each of these subsidiaries.

1. What would you change, and what would you keep the same as the
HQ version? Why?
2. HOW might the implementation process differ in these subsidiaries
from the way it had been implemented in the HQ?
Hint: Consider the areas of largest cultural difference between these countries and the US.
• Be sure to look at all three countries holistically and address what you would
do if you had to do one solution that applied to all three.
• Don’t address each of the countries individually.
• Look for major issues and spend your energy on that. Don’t try to address
every possible issue.
• Think of the Hofstede dimensions and what they mean—don’t just try to pick
things out of the description of one of the countries on the Hofstede website.
• This research can be done using country comparisons on the following
webpage, Hofstede Insights: Compare Countries (Links to an external site.) or
other sources of your choosing.
(Suggested word count: Initial posting should be between 300 and 500 words)