Sample HRM Paper on Determining the Proper Job Classification

There are two (2) separate deliverables for this assignment.
1. Prepare a 5-7 page description of how you will conduct the job analysis and include a projected timeline for completion, including all of the interim steps. Assume this report will be given to the Legal Department of Comfort Assisted Living and will be a key piece of evidence if Mr. Williams’s grievance goes to court.
List the required tasks, identify the critical tasks, identify the most important competencies needed, be sure the tasks and the competencies are aligned, and decide which will be used as factors in selection for this position. With that in mind, your document must include sufficient support for your plan, and include a discussion of the ethical issues that might exist in this case and how you would overcome them. Your write-up must include appropriate references and citations. The final document must be formatted according to APA guidelines.

2. Given the information you have in the supplemental document and from the additional resources you found, develop a possible job description for Mr. Williams. You will have to make some assumptions regarding the nature of his work. That is fine, just be sure to highlight and explain where any major gaps exist.
Include an overview of the work to be performed (company, location, title, duties and tasks, and degree of supervision/independence; list and explanation of the most essential required competencies, education and training/certification (if applicable) and preferred skills; and any other information that would help a potential applicant decide whether or not they wish to apply and how to apply should they decide to (application process, email or address to which they should send their application, etc.).