Sample HRM Paper on how ‘guanxi’ culture impacts employees’ working performance in Alibaba China

It is an dissertation literature review chapter. I have already written around 1000 words and I want you to write 2500 more based on it.

The research topic is about how ‘guanxi’ culture impacts employees’ working performance and working enthusiasm in Alibaba China?

The ‘guanxi’ mentioned here is an organisational culture that is unique in Chinese culture environment and a bit different from the western culture. ‘Guanxi’ can be explained as an interpersonal relationship, and the organisational culture of Alibaba is extremely relevant to this. Employees works for the common objectives and get along with each others just as brothers and sisters, even families, rather than simple colleagues or competitors. And the equality between managers and employees is highly valued, so that the working efficiency in Alibaba is remarkable.

I want you to explore more about the literature of “guanxi” at the organisation level (rather than the b2b or b2 government) and clarify the gap between literature and this research purpose.

I will also provide links of literature I’ve used. Pls lmk if you’re not able to access any.