Sample Human Resource Management Paper on Performance Management


In this assignment you need to work in groups of 5 learners and demonstrate your understanding of the performance management concepts we have covered so far and apply it to critically analyze the role of performance management in achieving high performance. You need to critically analyze the purpose of performance management and its role in solving organization problems, while reflecting on the interlocking elements of a typical performance management process including prerequisites preparation, performance planning, performance execution, performance assessment, performance review, performance renewal and recontacting. You need to base your argument on at least three peer reviewed academic journal articles.

The project paper should be between 1000 and 1200 words (do not include references and cover page in word counting); be typed and double-spaced; and must be a MS Word document. The assignment must be posted on the due date (refer to the course timeline for specific assignment due date).


Your assignment should include the following:

  1. A brief statement of the main aim of the report. (2 points, max 100 words)
  2. Problem discussion. Here you need to talk about a current and valid performance or organisation challenge that organisations are experiencing. This can include the lack of alignment between organisation goals and individual goals and performances, managing a diverse workforce, lack of accountability, agile or fast pace changing work environments, lack of employee motivation and low employee retention etc. (5 points, 200 words)
  3. A discussion of how performance management can help in overcoming these challenges. What are the elements you will include in your performance management process that will help you address these challenges? (7 points, 600 words)
  4. Conclusion to summaries the report (1 points, 100 words)


Evaluation of paper:

  1. Coherence and quality of analysis/conclusions
  2. Referral to appropriate theories
  3. Academic standards: referencing, number of literature items incorporated.
  4. Language and formatting


Based on the above assessment criteria you will be awarded a grade shown in the grading scheme of the course syllabus (i.e. A, B+, B, C+, C & F – see the course syllabus for more details). Please make sure to prepare, write and submit your own task and DO NOT copy others or do not use any previously submitted tasks for this or other courses. In order to prevent plagiarism, we use Turnitin software. So please observe the University policy for preparing and submitting your assignments.