Sample Human Resource Paper on Effective Human resource utilization

Human resources can be defined as the individuals who work in coordination building a workforce in the business zone, organization or the economy at large. In some instances, human resource is also referred to as Human capital although this refers to a much slenderer outlook.

Although human resource management is sometimes a challenge, my company have come up with various technics of ensuring effective and efficient utilization of the human resource. The human resource management department has ensured a good working condition and a friendlier environment to the employees. Safety, health matters and risk management have been prioritized to ensure the welfare of the workforce. Oftenly there has been training and awareness activities which have made the employees well informed about their work and environment and way s to handle any occurrence. All these activities add up to give rise to success in meeting organizational objectives

Secondly, proper management of time has seen a great positive result in the organization. Break times, i.e., tea and lunch breaks have been well managed thus ensuring maximum utilization of the workforce. Rewarding and compensation of workers who work extra hours is done on time which motivates the workers thus increasing production. Adherence to the human resource polices maximizes utilization of the available human resource by minimizing misunderstanding between employees and the management or amongst themselves

In order to ensure proper utilization of  human  resources, the company should initiate collection of data to know already what they have and get to know what they don’t which would help them  ascertain whether there is under utilization of the  available skills in relation to the production results of the company and whether it is necessary to acquire more skills in order to meet the objectives of the organization.


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