Sample Information Technology Essay Paper on Cheap web hosting services

Web hosting is the process of storing information or storing all files that make up our website
on a server
This is like a digital office or a physical space for a physical office, in order to store information
one requires a digital space for digital office. Cheap web hosting services therefore offers you
space for the storage of your information at a relatively cheap and affordable prices.
Features of cheap web hosting services
Disk space
Disk space or storage space is one of the essential services that should be offered by a web
hosting services. A website consists of many files that make up the visuals and files that decide
what happens when you click a button. The files consume space thus you need a hosting plan
that provides the required space. Thus one needs to choose an appropriate hosting service.
Your host provides an extra security or defense line against cyberattacks, hosting services
should contain the following so as to provide you with an extra security for your files
Ssl certificates; this encrypts your data sent via your website so only the recipient can gets to
use the data and this helps keep away unauthorized persons from accessing the data in any
Automated malware; web hosting services helps remove malware and also identifies possible
threats thus warning the website owners of a danger. This is done by identification of a
suspicious file that may cause damage to the web.
Firewall management; web application firewall creates a set of rules designed to protect your
web from most attacks from different sources of file.
Additional security
Secure shell access

Multifactor authentication
Domain privacy
This is the measure of the percentage time that your web is up and available to visitors –the
closer to 100% the better as this dictates the amount of your web will be awake. A cheap web
hosting services provide the following;
Backup services: this ensures that should the server hosting your website goes down then
there is a backup that will have your web up in time.
Backup services in multiple locations: this ensures that incase a natural disaster occurs a
duplicate server in the same data center will not keep your website up.
Website speed
Everyone using the website would expect that the web being used to load within five or less
second as such an appropriate web need to be chosen. The web should be able to provide the
required speed to be able to load. With the improvement in technology many web hosting
services strive very hard to provide a faster speed in terms of loading of detail.
This is termed as the measure of the server’s capacity for data transfer within a specific time
frame. Bandwidth help measure the speed at which file can be transferred in a specific time
thus for faster loading of files one needs to choose an appropriate web with the required speed
for file loading.
With all these features one is able to look into each requirement and identify a suitable web to
use. Cheap web hosting services provide the user with all these features that helps enhance
your security and the speed at which you load your documents and files