Sample Internal Memo

Internal Memo

TO: All students and staff members

FROM: University of Maryland President


DATE: 15 April 2015

The University of Maryland is developing a hub that will support technology enhanced and innovative education with the opening of Teaching and Learning Transformation Center within the campus. Being the premier learning institution in Maryland, the purpose of the creation of the center is to help enhance and transform teaching experience, classrooms and courses using technology.

Students will also be trained at the center to help enhance their learning and engagement increasing their chance for academic excellence. As technology grows expanding its presence in the university’s landscape, the Teaching and Learning Transformation center will provide support to all instructors in their teaching.

Teachers will be trained on modern instruction strategies and the right educational tools to employ. Additionally, they will be assessed on how they perform their duties. The center will also play a crucial role in premeditated development of didactic strategy, assessment of programs and policy. The university through the center will be in a position to identify the best use of technology for existing and new course delivery arrangements.

The center will also enhance the strength of existing resources at the university. For instance, the Center for Teaching Excellence that functions to enhance student experiences will be leveraged significantly. Integrated Learning Technologies and Environment (which belongs to the IT Division and offers leadership in the incorporation of technology into research and teaching) is also another institution that will be significantly enhanced.


The two bodies will be combined under the TLTC to maximize on their impact and will directly report to Provot’s office henceforth. What’s more, a new provost associate will be appointed. The new hub will also be integrated with a new Learning Analytics and Assessment team. The purpose of the newly created team will be to carefully analyze data to ensure efficacy in monitoring of activities, teaching strategies and delivery types course structures.

The groups will additionally work under a single roof and as a team. They will be housed at Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center despite the fact that it is still under construction. The University’s goals have been to enhance learning and teaching to meet today’s student’s dynamic demands.

To achieve the goal, we need to employ appropriate infrastructure as Teaching and Learning Transformation Center proposes. The center will deliver enhanced faculty resources and develop new flexibility echelons within our curriculum. It will also ensure the dynamic demands of students learning in different ways are met.

The TLTC will additionally assemble all education successful support features, assessment, innovation, infrastructure and incentives. Its purpose will consist of three major components including use of technology to support learning and teaching, enhancing the quality of learning practice and to analyze the efficacy of systems and structures.

The center in essence is an incredible step forward for our university in supporting today’s learners. It is also our hope that students and instructors within the campus will be motivated to utilize the facility. Instructors are additionally encouraged to propose interesting and new ways to enhance learning experience based on use of technology. Students are not an exception and they are encouraged to make the most of the center and its services. The new learning hub has been functional since last year, 2014.

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