Sample International Relations Paper on Ethics and Liberty Mutual

Personal Code of Ethics

We live in a world where everything we do is guided by ethics and morality. We are always afraid to behave in a way that those around us will consider unethical. I am a person who firmly believes in making ethical decisions regardless of whether they are popular or not. My focus is always on the extent to which the decisions I make in life are correct. For a long time, societal justice has been eroded by people’s acts of selfishness and self-entitlement. To have a peaceful environment, I believe that there should be rules or regulations that must be followed by everyone and people should treat one another as they expect to be treated themselves. One of the things that guides me in life is the golden rule that presumes that people must treat others in a manner they would want to be treated. This is one behavior I exhibit in my day-to-day life. This has allowed me to live peacefully with other people around me.

My Ethical Beliefs

  1. People must always be treated respectfully and kindly unless they are not interested in such a form of treatment.
  2. It is the responsibility of individuals, groups, and organizations to practice what they believe in.
  3. People and organizations must make and implement decisions that are of benefit to society.
  4. At the organizational level, employees must be treated equitably and fairly.
  5. People must practice self-policing where they report any person guilt of breaking existing laws or violating existing policies.
  6. I have a duty to love and respect those who love and respect me in return.

My Relationships

I have a close relationship with my family; my dad, mom, and siblings. My strong and close relationship with them is mainly because of my ethical beliefs outlined above. I always make an effort to treat my younger siblings fairly, especially in situations where I have to reward them for exemplary performance in any context. I also try as much as possible to respect and show kindness to my parents and siblings. My love for them is just a reciprocate of their love for me. To make better decisions in the family than I currently do, I should rely on my ethical beliefs above in the day-to-day situations we go through as a family.

History of Beliefs

Several people have influenced or taught me most of the ethical beliefs I have today. I can say that my parents have shaped or influenced my current ethical beliefs. For instance, my mom taught me key life lessons at a young age. She always insisted that I had to love and respect not only my elders but my peers as well. She could punish me if I showed the slightest form of disrespect to people around me. I also owe my current ethical beliefs to my life experiences. During my transition from childhood to adulthood, I witnessed several people who suffered and attributed their suffering to their maltreatment, hatred, and lack of respect to others. Since I did not want to walk down a similar path, I decided to be a loving and respectful person. I realized that it would cost me nothing to show love and respect to everyone around me. I often gauge how I interact with others lest we enter into a disagreement and throw abusive words and disrespect each other.

Code of Ethics

From the above-mentioned aspects:

  1. I will show love, respect, and honor to my family, friends, and everyone interact with in day-to-day life.
  2. I will showcase kindness to everyone and treat them in a manner I would wish or want them to treat me.
  3. I will abide by set rules, policies, and procedures in every institution or organization I work or interact with.
  4. During my involvement with various organizations, I will ensure that my colleagues also abide by or follow set rules, policies, and procedures.
  5. I look do not look forward to any personal gain or benefit by abiding to this code of ethics.

Development of My Personal Code of Ethics

Developing a persona code of ethics is an important thing that a person can do in life. Its purpose is to put in to writing various ideologies or ideas one considers important in life. It also allows one to say that he or she will do something because he believes in a certain thing. In developing my personal code of ethics above, I first took a stock of my life, and this entailed writing down who actually I am. I reflected on my life and though of how other people, especially family and friends think of me. Based on their perceived ideas of me, I could determine my traits and this helped me to develop the personal code of ethics. Second, I focused on my personal beliefs. Everyone has his or her ethical beliefs and what they think that should or should not be done if they are to align with global ethical principles and standards. Third, I critically examined the places I have worked for, those I currently work with, and those I look forward to work with in future. This then led to my thought and reflection of how these places would expect me to behave and interact with people such as clients or customers. I determined that most of the places I have worked insisted on being respectful to others, and this became a critical part of my personal code of ethics.

Comparison of My Code of Ethics and That of An Organization Where I Worked

One of the organizations I have worked before was guided by specific ethical principles and standards. Some of the ethical principles that guided the organization’s operations included everyone having a primary goal to help people in need and to solve social problems that arise, everyone taking part in challenging social injustice, having respect for the inherent dignity and worth of another person, as well as behaving in a trustworthy manner. These ethical principles are almost similar to my ethical beliefs. For instance, I believe that respect is important in how I interact or related with people around me and at the workplace. I also believe that I have a responsibility of behaving in a manner that can be trusted by people around me. The organization’s ethical standards revolved around ethical responsibilities to clients, ethical responsibilities to colleagues, ethical responsibilities in practice settings, ethical responsibilities as professionals, and ethical responsibilities to the broader society. I also believe that I have an ethical responsibility to the broader society I live in, my colleagues at the workplace, my family and friends, and in every practice setting I am involved.