Sample International Relations Paper on Human Rights

There are a number of human rights including the right to life, the right to education and work, freedom of expression and movement, the right to liberty, and several others. Gender intersects or plays a crucial role when it comes to human rights concerns. In many parts of the world, the access to work opportunities and education is usually based on one’s gender. Men usually have access to unlimited work opportunities and education whereas women only have access to specific job opportunities. In fact, in developing countries in Africa, women are denied access to education as they have to play parental roles at an early age. Over 25,000 girls under the age of 18 are married everyday around the world (IXOX2I). Child marriage denies women the right to access education that is an important element in day-to-day life. With no access to education, women are left exposed to future poverty, exploitation, and poor health.

Global citizenship has since changed people’s attitudes towards issues such as the right to work opportunities and education. Global citizenship gives insight into the fact that everyone has rights and civic responsibilities since they are members of the world. It implies that people’s rights and civic responsibilities are not as a result of their gender, age, or them being citizens of a particular place or nation. With the sense of global citizenship, women are seen as equal to men and who ought to enjoy their right to work opportunities and work. The video on “Human Rights: Gender Roles-Equality” argues that with global citizenship comes a level of consciousness that is determined both by men and women leading to progress (IXOX2I). This video teaches us that issues related to human rights should not be determined by gender. For instance, there should be a shift from the notion that one can only access education and work opportunities because of their gender. People seeking information literacy should trust this video as it entails extensive information on the role of gender in human rights issues.



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