Sample Internship Application Letter at the University of Madrid.

Internship Application Letter

I would like to apply for an internship position in consulting. I learned of your organization through the placement center at the University of Madrid.

Currently, I have completed my major in Business Administration at the University of Madrid and will receive my degree this spring. I have a comprehensive background in business consultation, and my desire is to seek the position of a consultant in a reputable international organization. I feel that your organization places prominence in similar areas and having the privilege of serving as an intern with will give me further exposure and skills that I need to advance my career.

After my graduation, I hope to work with an organization that specializes in business management strategic planning and eventually start my consultation firm. I studied additional courses like MS-Excel and MS-Word to improve my skills. Therefore, I am conversant with computer-based knowledge. During my free time, I train for marathons in mountain biking and cross country skiing to improve my endurance and the ability to work in a team. I am also self-motivated and committed to everything I do in order to achieve the set goals. I believe that such skills will help me in the future in my career as a Consultant. With the right opportunities and experience in advanced projects, I believe I can attain this goal with your organizational help.

My experience at the University of Madrid has helped me in understanding the nature of the current business world. I have worked on several projects, including playing a business strategic game (bsg-game). I have learned that integrity and hard work is key to a successful business. Together with another co-manager, I took over the operation of an athletic footwear company that was in the neck- and-neck race for global market leadership. We competed against rival athletic footwear organizations run by other class members and universities. We emerged the best team of the class and attained the best grade, 10/10. Additionally, we achieved global top 25 in the business game.

During my studies, I always embraced teamwork, which enabled me to attain excellent grades. My educational experience has been wonderful, and my business school CPA is currently at 3.6, which is a sign of hard work. While I understand that classroom abilities do not always translate to effective business consultation skills, the success I have attained in my experience should be symbolic.

Before university, I worked as a sales agent for Kammerer Tankbau GmbH, an international company for tank and pipeline construction. During that period, I developed my skills in customer care, which are relevant to running any organization. I always achieved the goals set by the company and increased its total revenue by 3% in the first year and 7% in the last year of my activity.

I am excited by the opportunity to contribute to your organization, and I am equipped to engage in continuous learning. I purposely pursue professional development and value continuous growth as defined by the internship description.

My attached resume expands on my academic homework, skills, and business as well as leadership experience. As I prepare for a career in business consulting, I am enthusiastic to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of the field. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.