Sample IT Essays on Genre Analysis on The Impact of Technology

This essay will look at the movie “Her” directed by Spike Jonez and the article “the flight from conversation” by Sherry Turkle. The genres from the two items on technology and their impact on human beings in today’s world will be explored and synthesized. Both the movie “Her” and the article The Flight from Conversation by Sherry Turkle are a reflection of what technology has become in today’s world, and how far it is expected to go in the future. The movie “Her” was written directed and produced by Spike Jonez; and released in 2013. In the movie “Her”, the setting is made up of numerous operating systems that assist individuals, especially in love-related matters, by writing letters that are addressed to their loved ones, as a way of expressing how they feel. The said individuals cannot be comprehensive in expressing their feelings if they are left to their own devices. I agree that social media has taken over most of the lives of a majority of the population especially in terms of relating with those around them.

As Turkle states in her article, face to face conversations have departed from the community which can be witnessed when one visits a restaurant especially those frequented by young people; most of them have earphones in their ears, and the rest are on their tablets and smartphones, updating their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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I also agree with Spike Jonez’s depiction of the future interaction of humans with machines. Technology companies continue to manufacture machines that have better artificial intelligence systems and user interfaces. Individuals will begin to search for companionship from technology as individuals become more engrossed in their own lives and thoughts. People will be lonely, but the dilemma is that they want to be alone. People want to “feel” but they do not want to invest time and energy that would require them to feel the said emotions.

The movie and article are targeted towards the young generation as an informative set. People need to be made aware that they give too much attention to social media and too little to actual human interactions. Both the article and the movie use simple language that effectively conveys the intended message to the audience. The movie “Her” is quite visual in terms of delivering the intended message in a setting that appears to be from the future: 2025, in a manner that is convincing to the audience. The article by Sherry Turkle also appeals to pathos as it evokes emotions and conjures mental images of individuals at social gatherings who are all glued to their smartphones and tablets; busy updating their Facebook statuses; instead of interacting with the actual human beings around them. Some of these individuals are lonely, but they would never ask for help from those around them as it would make them feel week.

In the movie “Her” the level of interaction between human beings and machines is of a higher level since its setting is in the future:  2025 whereby the intelligence exhibited by artificial intelligence systems is expected to be higher. The main character Theodore is about to get a divorce from his wife, and he tries to get assistance from an operating system that has artificial intelligence, which he falls in love with. At one point, the operating system (Samantha) asks Theodore whether they can get physically intimate through a surrogate because they have fallen in love. This reveals a sad state of affairs that makes him rethink whether his relationship with Samantha means he is so out of touch with reality that he can fall in love with an operating system. Furthermore, Samantha tells Theodore that she interacts with other users of the operating system, and she has fallen in love with some of them.

The two genres; the movie “her” and the article by Sherry Turkle appeal to pathos since readers can easily identify with the impact of social media on the level of human interactions. Nowadays, people seem to be more interested in the relationships that they have on social media, instead of actual human interactions with those around them.


The paper has successfully looked at information technology-related genres from the movie “Her” by Spike Jonez; released in 2013, and the article by Sherry Turkle: the flight from conversation. I agree with both Sherry Turkle and Spike Jonez that technology and its applications such as social media different operating systems can appear so interactive yet bring about so much loneliness. On the surface, an individual with many Facebook friends and many followers on Twitter might appear to be famous and happy, but they might not have anyone that they can personally relate to, and talk to openly. The two writers: Jonez and Turkle evoke the pathos of their target audience through the manner in which they tell their stories; direct the movie (Jonez). A greater number of individuals in today’s world should be encouraged of their social media pages and invest their time interacting with actual human beings instead.