Sample Journal on Life in the Twenty Second Century

Life in the Twenty Second Century

In the 22nd century, the prospects of life would be more hopeful and exciting due to increase in technology. This is evident in the availability of computers that operate with high speeds, biotechnology and artificial intelligence. In the following century, life will improve in every way inclusive of better transport and communications systems. Apparently, individuals will find life to be more interesting and will no longer suffer from diseases due to improved Medicare.

The current situation that is attributed to road accidents and traffic will be history. The availability of technology via the existence of intelligence computers will control motor vehicles hence no need to drive. This will pave way for a better system in transport by eradicating road rages. In the following century, individuals will no longer require to feed on three meals on a daily basis. On the contrary, they will inject food substances in their body in the right amounts to provide them with the essential energy that will enable them to stay active.

Furthermore, in the 22nd century, people will make it a habit to travel on vacation to the moon and other planets. Robots will be responsible of every day chores and also secure our country with help of their artificial intelligence. The next century will also accommodate human creatures that have power over death. Clearly, people will not pay visits to health centers because there will be no sickness. If there is need to visit hospitals, people will only go there with the intensions of changing their body parts that are worn out such as the bones. Organs that are not biological will automatically repair themselves. In case of damage, people’s intelligence will be incorporated to their artificial bodies.



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