Sample Law Discussion Paper on Supreme Court Justices

There has been an extensive debate on whether the number of Supreme Court justices should be increased. I do not agree with the idea. According to Bomboy (n.p.), the constitution has not provided any provision relating to either increasing or reducing the number of judges. Based on the assertion of increasing the number of judges, my fear is that it will create room for a party controlling the presidency, House, and Senate to select sympathizers to occupy these positions. Considering how the Supreme Court is powerful and makes judgments on issues that directly affect society, I do think adding more party sympathizers to the bench is a good idea for the nation.

I unanimously support the idea of implementing a term limit for the presiding Supreme Court judges. It is opined that the life tenure of these justices is doing more harm than good (Roosevelt and Vassilas n.p.).  It has reached a point where, with the security of tenure, the judges can comfortably serve their political interests. As demonstrated, imposing a mandatory limit will ensure that these judges do not stay in office until their preferred candidates are elected. Accordingly, the life tenure of the justices is a chief impediment to impartial hearing (Willis n.p.). This is because, in most cases, when the post is vacated, political players always may lobby and support the recruitment of a young, vibrant individual who can serve the interest of a party in its quest to remain in power. It is no longer a process of finding the most qualified person. Stanford believes that age restrictions should be imposed instead of term limits. Decidedly, my opinion supports the implementation of term limits to restore the credibility of the court and undoubtedly enhance the successful recruitment of a qualified individual with an independent mindset and not a party supporter.


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