Sample Law Paper on Recruitment and Selection Process: Qatar Airways

Qatar’s Labor Law

Employment contract must be in writing and signed by employer and employee. Employer should a healthy and safe working environment to employee.  It is important to fulfill guidelines provided by law while making budgets, performing job analysis, making job description, advertising for vacancy and also taking a new employee on-board. This law determines rights, duties and responsibilities of employer and employee. While hiring an employee, it should be made sure that employee is above 18 years of age. Employee must have knowledge, skills, abilities and experience that are compatible with job specifications. Applicant must not have any criminal record and must be physically and mentally fit to perform the job. The government has started process of Qatarization. It is important to hire Qataris because 50% of employees in an organization must be Qatari. If the organization wants to hire a non-Qatari employee, permission should be taken from Ministry of Labor. If the company hires a non-Qatari applicant, it is important to receive information about his or her sponsor. If the applicant has not received sponsorship, the company can sponsor such employees. If the person is sponsored by some person in Qatar, it is important to know if applicant or his sponsor has received official approval to work for another party. Sponsorship of employee can be transferred to the company if the applicant has worked 12 months with ex-sponsor. It is important that employment contract must be in writing with on Arabic and one English version of the contract. Employee must make sure to understand terms of employment before signing the contract. A copy of contract should be sent to employee and to Ministry of Labor. The contract must provide date of contract and place of taking contract. It should also discuss nature work, agreed time period, wages and additional benefits for employee. The law is applicable to every government, public and private organization.

Job Analysis Questionnaire


Job title: ___Customer Services Representative


Department: ____Customer Services__________ Location: ___Doha, Qatar__________


Prepared by: __Recruitment Manager______ Date: ____February 2, 2019___________




Customer Service Representative listen to customer needs and complaints. The job exists to resolve customer complaints in a timely manner by providing information to relevant department. The job exists to provide accurate and reliable information to customers. CSR interacts with customers on behalf of organization to handle their problems and coordinate with them to provide quality services. The job exists to maintain a long term valued relationship with customers.


Responsibilities                                                                     Percentage of time


  1. Listen customer problems and take steps to solve them 20%
  2. Provide information to customers about products and services 10%
  3. Take orders and start process to complete order on time 10%
  4. Review and make changes to customer order or schedule 10%
  5. Interact and communicate with customers on behalf of organization             10%
  6. Handle returns or returns from customers 10%
  7. Refer customers to relevant manager or department 10%
  8. Manage incoming calls and handle customer enquiries 10%
  9. Identify customer needs and provide feedback to create customer satisfaction 10%


Specific education requirement(s)

Applicant should be a Graduate in Business Administration with Marketing as Major.

Experience requirement(s)

Applicant should have a minimum of 3 year experience in providing customer services in a public or private limited organization in Qatar.

 Required licenses or certificates

  • Certificate or Diploma in Marketing
  • Certificate or Diploma in Communication Skills
  • IELTS Certificate from British Council


Problem Solving

  • Jobholder should have skills to plan and schedule tasks on basis of priority and importance
  • Jobholder should have high degree of independent thinking to develop solutions to solve problems immediately
  • Jobholder should have ability to perform multiple things at a time efficiently
  • Jobholder should have skills to understand complexity of problem and to assess time taken to solve the problem


Customer services play an important role in creating customer satisfaction through quickly responding to customer complaints and listen to their problems. It is important to provide reliable, accurate and timely information to customers to increase sales. If CSR does not provide quality services, it will affect customer satisfaction adversely and will also reduce market share due to higher customer turnover and lower rate of customer retention.



Annual pay of personnel: ____QR 350,000__________



Other financial responsibilities

Sometimes CSR may be required to manage customer bills, receive cash on behalf of customers but it is rarely to take place.

Jobholder’s impact on these resources

Jobholder will provide feedback to improve service design to increase level of convenience. CSR interacts with customers on a daily basis on behalf of the organization. The feedback of jobholder is highly important for improvement in service design and operations.


Requirements of Communication skills

Jobholder should have excellent communication skills to persuade the customer. Sales of the company rely heavily on communication skills of CSR to explain features, benefits and advantages of service to customers.


Jobholder has contacts inside and outside the company. CSR listens to customer problems and complaints and refers customers to relevant department, manager, employee or supervisor in the company to resolve these problems. Jobholder acts as a bridge between customers and relevant department to serve the customer.

Types of oral or written communications

Oral communication is more important because jobholder has to provide information to customers about products and services. Written communication skills are not important because software will help to manage customer complaints and processing their orders.

Communicated person

Customers are communicated with to provide information about products and services, processing their orders and managing their complaints.

Employees or managers are communicated with to coordinate with them to handle customer complaints or process customer orders.



Condition Amount of Exposure

Occasional Regular Frequent:


Dust, dirt, fumes

Heat, cold



Inclement weather



Health or safety hazards

There are no severe health or safety hazards related to the job. Jobholder needs to work indoor dealing with customers and sitting for long time. It can cause backache, headache or weak eye sight.


Job Analysis Worksheet: Tasks




Source Importance Frequency
Provide information about products and services   5 5
Managing customer complaints   5 3
Processing customer orders   5 5
Coordination between customer and relevant personnel   4 3
Responding incoming calls and queries


  5 5



Importance Scale:

How important is this task for the job?


How often is the task performed?

0 = Not Performed 0=Not Performed
1= Not Important 1= Every few months to yearly
2=Somewhat Important 2=Every few weeks to monthly
3=Important 3=Every few days to weekly
4=Very Important 4=Every few hours to daily
5=Extremely Important 5=Hourly to many times each hour


Job Analysis Worksheet: Competencies




Source Importance Need at Entry
Objective Listening   5 1
Handling Stress   5 2
Role Awareness   4 3
Attitude towards others   4 2
Emotional Control   5 2



Importance Scale:

How important is this competency for effective job performance?

Need at Entry Scale:

When is this competency needed for effective job performance?

1=Not Important 1=Needed the first day
2=Somewhat Important 2=Must be acquired within the first 3 months
3=Important 3=Must be acquired within the first 4-6 months
4=Very Important 4=Must be acquired after the first 6 months
5=Extremely Important 5= Must be acquired after the first 12 months

Job Description


Job Title  

Customer Services Representative


Location Doha, Qatar


Salary Range


 Reporting Relationships


This Job Reports to: _Customer Services Manager_________


 Job Summary

The job exists to develop a valued relationship with customers and to create customer satisfaction through providing quality services to customers. Jobholder will maintain an active and consistent communication with customers on behalf of the organization.  The role is important to quickly respond to customer needs and complaints.


Major Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Listen and manage customer complaints


  1. Register customer complaint and communicate complaint number to customer


  1. Communicate and forward complaint to relevant personnel or department


  1. Provide feedback to customer about steps taken to resolve complaint


  1. Provide information about products or services


  1. Provide information to customers about features, advantages and benefits of different products and services


  1. Reply to customer queries in an effective and timely manner


  1. Make sure successful completion of transaction through providing information about product and service


  1. Respond to customer calls and inquiries


  1. Respond to call timely without any delay


  1. Listen to need, want or complaint of customer effectively


  1. Quickly transfer call of customer to relevant department or register customer complaint



  1. Process customer orders on time


  1. Process orders placed through calls in time


  1. Process orders placed through customer’s physical visit


  1. Resolve problems in processing orders by internal and external communication


  1. Increase trust of customers in business



  1. Win trust of customers through courtesy and polite conversation


  1. Do not lose control on emotions and be polite with aggressive customers


  1. Treat customers as you like to be treated by a business


Job Specifications


Knowledge and Skills Required



Graduation in Business Administration with marketing as major

Diploma in Marketing (optional)


3 year experience of working in customer services department of any public or private organization in Qatar


  1. Knowledge of demographics and diversity in Qatar
  2. Knowledge of consumer protection law
  3. Knowledge of Qatar’s culture and values


  1. Communication skills (Fluent English, Arabic)
  2. Planning and Scheduling
  3. Teamwork and coordination
  4. Leadership skills


Problem solving, degree of independence, managing multitasking, courtesy, emotional control


IELTS, effective communication skills,

5. Working Conditions


A         Physical Environment

Examples: Working indoor in clean environment, no outdoor work involved

B         Physical Effort

Examples: Sitting on front desk for longer periods. Requires effort to sit for longer periods and communicating with customers and personnel throughout the day



Prepared by:

















Recruitment Plan


Hiring Manager: Recruitment manager Date Opened: 10,febuary,2019
Division   Date posted on web: 10,febuary,2019
Job Title Customer service representative Closing: 20,febuary.2019



Core Competencies (selected from the company)
If company is hiring employee from inside the organization then following competencies are important.

He should be Patient

He should be Attentive and alert.

He should have excellent knowledge of the organization culture

He must have clear communication skills.

He has complete knowledge of the Product

He should have Ability to use positive language.

He must have acting skills to manage the tough customers

He should have skills to manage time in an effective way

He should have ability to ‘read’ customers and their psyche.

He should have calming presence and he should not let any customer to spoil his cool nature, otherwise it can create a negative impact.

He should be Goal-oriented. He should focus to achieve his goals and targets on time.

He should be flexible so he can be Able to handle surprises

He must have Persuasion skills



Role Competencies (selected from the job description that you will be using in the recruitment process)
He should be good listener so he can listen the problems of complaints and solve them


He should have a clear communication skills and product knowledge so he can convey information about the product to customers.


He should be responded of all queries and complaints of the customers. He should have cooperative nature so he can solve the problems of customers in an effective way.


He should be active so he can serve the customer at time. He should provide the services at time. He should solve all queries of the customer related to the product/services.

He should keep track of time so he can satisfy the needs of the customers timely.


Candidate should be trust worthy and he must have a good social in the society.

He should be positive and polite so he can manage the customers according to their psyche.


He should be well aware about the each procedure related to the product/ services




Market Consideration

Hourly Wages are mostly paid for this position. Average wages for this position is 66QR per hour. There is great competition in the market for this position. Customers are the most important asset of a company. That is why it is very important to hire a competent customer service represented. So he can maintain all activities and problems of the customers to satisfy them in an effective manner. Everyone wants some good opportunity for his career growth. If Qatar Airway will offer them good salaries and benefits than others. They would defiantly attract towards this company. At the same time company has some good opportunities of learning to experience new things. They can enhance their skills, and effectiveness in their self. that is why company has  large amount of chances to attract lots of people


Recruiting Sources

Technical job board

It is an external method of recruitment. Company will use technical job board approach. Job will be posted on the portals. In this way company can get lots of options to choose best one among all. Company can get an opportunity to bring a new talent into the organization.






Employee Value Proposition


Everyone wants to work in a well reputed company. Qatar airway is a well supposed and most valuable organization. Furthermore everyone seeks a good opportunity in their life. If they will get new opportunity and good return against their work then definitely they would switch their existing job. Qatar airways are providing more salary then market rates. Moreover they are providing all those benefits which a person can expect from his job.










Job Posting

Position: Customer Service Representative

Department: Customer services

Location: Doha Qatar

Competition #1238

Technical job board

We will use job portal to post this position.

Organization, stating values or mission

Qatar Airways is the biggest airline of the Qatar. They are operating their airline in all over the world and they have more than 100 destinations in worldwide. Qatar airways have a mission to bring the excellence in their each activity. Their main focus is their customers they want to satisfy them in a better way as compared to others. They do care about their customers. According to the Qatar airways whenever they fly they carry the hopes and dreams of their customers. Customer satisfaction is their first priority

Role, duties and position in the organization

There is a position of customer service representative which is valuable in the organization. He plays an important role. Customers are great asset of the company. That is why he has to manage all activities, services and complaints related to the customers. He has to provide services against the order of customer. Furthermore he listen complaints of customer and solve them.


  1. Bachelors in business administration (major in marketing)
  2. Master in business administration would be preferred
  3. 2-3 year experience in the relevant field

Final pitch to potential applicants

  • Candidate must have excellent communication skills
  • He should must know that how to deal with customers even in critical situation
  • He should be active and flexible
  • He should have a skill to read the mind of customer
  • He must be punctual and responsible.

Salary Range: 18000QR

Closing Date: 20, February, 2019

How to Apply

If someone is interested and fulfilling the all requirements of the job then they can apply form the same portal. They can fill their information on the same web portal. After providing the required information they can click on the apply button. We will receive your all information.


Applications/Resumes may be sent to:


All submissions must be received by 4:30pm of the closing date at the office or by midnight by email

Checklist for Advertisement



€      Does the job Ad concentrate on the job?         Yes

€      Are important details easy to find?                    Yes

€      Does it highlight unique opportunities?             Yes

€      Is the advertisement specific?                             Yes

€      Does the advertisement attract readers             Yes

€      Is the advertisement show to the company image in a positive way?     Yes

€      Would a “stranger” understand the job advertisement?       Yes

€      Does the advertisement “sell” the job?                Yes



 Acknowledgement email for your job



Subject: Competition#: 201310001 customer service representative

February 24, 2019

Dear Abdulla,

This is an acknowledgement receipt of your application for the job of customer service representative in the customer service department of Qatar Airway. We received lots of applications with different qualifications and experiences. We will screen all resumes and applications. We will choose any candidate who will fulfill almost all requirements or who is closely to the job requirements.

I will inform you about your status. We are thankful that you take a time to apply for this job

Yours sincerely,


Ms. Maryam razi,

Human Resource Consultant


Rejection Letter of Application

March 8, 2019

Sahar Almani

Doha Qatar


Dear Sahar:

We did initial screening of all applications. We are sorry to inform you that you have not being selected for the position. Your qualification and experience does not meet the criteria of the job requirements. We appreciate your effort to apply for the job

We encourage your spirit. Wish you good luck for your future if we will post any job according to your competencies then we will prefer you over others.



Ms. David rubis,

Human Resource Consultant



Selection Plan


Position Title and Requisition #
Education and Experience: Screening Method

Resume Review?


BBA/ no experience Resume Review
BBA/3 year experience Resume Review
MBA/3 year experience Resume Review
MBA/ no experience Resume Review
BS/no experience Resume Review


Assessment method
Customer handling knowledge, mind reading, market trends, It knowledge, marketing and management knowledge situational and behavioural interview questions
Communication, mind reading ,management knowledge, marketing skills, Customer handling knowledge, read customer psyche situational and behavioural interview questions
Market trends, technological trends, to satisfy customers, marketing activities, creativity situational and behavioural interview questions
Creativity, IT knowledge, to attract customers,  active responded , solutions of problem situational and behavioural interview questions
mind reading , marketing activities,  IT knowledge ,Customer handling knowledge situational and behavioural interview questions
finance knowledge situational and behavioural interview questions
Skills and Abilities: Assessment method
n/a situational and behavioural interview questions
goal oriented, Ability to react toward problems, good communicator, possessive about work situational and behavioural interview questions
 Ability to react toward problems, good communication skills, patient, alert, goal oriented situational and behavioural interview questions
Patient, goal oriented, positive, goal-oriented, good listener situational and behavioural interview questions
n/a situational and behavioural interview questions


Assessment Method
n/a situational and behavioural interview questions
Culture adaptation, learn from mistakes, , adopt each culture, and give priority to the customer satisfaction. situational and behavioural interview questions
serve customers according to their needs, positive situational and behavioural interview questions
Honest with his work, serve customers according to their needs situational and behavioural interview questions
n/a situational and behavioural interview questions


Screening Tool


Department: Customer services Position Title: Customer service representative Position No.: QACSD29875 Competition No.: 1238
Prepared by: Salman Rana Date: 25,Feb,2019 Approved by: Akbar Al Baker Date: 28,Feb,2019



  Education and Experience

(consider equivalencies)

minimum requirement minimum requirement minimum requirement minimum requirement Asset  
Applicant name Business administrator with marketing as a major 3 years of working Communication skills Problem solving Leadership skills Knowledge of customer’s problem IELTS Interview?
Abdullah Karwai Yes No Yes Yes yes No No Yes
NOORA AL KARWARI Yes yes yes yes Yes Yes No Yes
ANTWAN ADAMS Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
SAMUEL WREN No Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes
Malak E. Medi No No Yes Yes No No NO No



Telephone Screening


Applicant’s name: NOORA AL KARWARI

Completion number: 432

Date:  23, February, 2019

HR Consultant: MR Salman Rana


Q1. Why are you interested to avail this opportunity



I want a platform from where I can learn to boost my knowledge and experience. As well as where I can invest my relevant skills to make it more efficient.




Q2.can you introduce yourself shortly?



I belong to the Doha Qatar, I have done my MBA from CAN-Q. My specialization is in marketing. I have 3 year experience of relevant field. I am a professional. But I am in the search of a new opportunity to grow my career.




Q3. Why you want to leave your current job?



Everyone wants a new opportunity in his career. I am not satisfied from the culture of the organization because they don’t have good opportunities to learn. I want to do something challenging.


Q.4 Are you are legal to work stay Qatar


Yes as I told you that I belong to the Doha Qatar and I am  legal citizen of Doha.





Q.5 what are your salary expectations?




As per standards




Interview Invitation Email




Subject: Competition#: 1238 customer services representative


March 3, 2016

Dear Abdulla,

It is informed you that you have been called for interview. You have applied for the position of customer service representative. We are thankful that you take some time to apply. We are impressed from your all given information about your academic and professional background. It is our pleasure to invite you for interview. We will conduct your interview at office of Qatar airways on 4pm. Pleasure make sure to come on time.

Please come with your Qatar Residence Permit so we can be assured about your legal work in Qatar. If you have any question then please let me know.

Looking forward to meeting you

Yours unaffectedly,

David rubis,

Human Resource Consultant

Qatar Airways



Interview Questionnaire


Job Summary

Responsibility to handle all activities and services related to the customers. In this position jobholder has to work on the order of the customers related to the service, customer satisfaction, response, feedback and complaints. They are responsible to maintain the customer for long run.


Scoring Key


Education and Experience  



Behaviour and attitude

Patients level and Flexibility    /5
Technical skills



Problem Solving Ability


Ability To Take Initiative/Responsibility





Total Points:                                                    50








What does good customer service mean to you?


Customer service can literally make or break a business. It is very important to flourish and stay at the top in the business prospective. Four things are more important in customer service.

·       To provide outstanding service to customer by listening him carefully and provide him solution. As a customer walks through the door he is looked for until he leaves.

·       Superior products should be provided to the customer that can fulfill their need. Sell them quality products.

·       It is important to make the customer valued by listening him carefully.

·       There should be a rapid response on the customer’s problem by solving them rapidly.


2. What is the best thing you achieved in your life?








  Potential answers:

Best achievement is Getting Graduated with excellent grade even under the country’s circumstances. I am still capable of achieving success in my job and promotions in the posts.



How to Handle negative feedback?

  Potential answers:

I would discuss it with my manager, evaluate my mistake, process it and learn from it.



Have you ever dealt with an unreasonable customer? How did you handle it, and how would you handle it today?


  Potential answers:


I was working as CSR at a relator store when a customer came to the counter he was shouted with anger. I listened him Carefully with patient. Then I explain him that how much I am sorry at this problem and if it was me then I do the same. I said I will provide you immediate solution of your problem. I offered him a drink and then provide him solution of his problem by replacing the product.

After that he got calm. And I also offer him extra credit to against the trouble of his fuel and time.  At the end he was fine and happy.




How to deal with a situation when you cannot comply with customer’s demand?







  Potential answers:


I would offer him alternates. If it is possible then I would say “no” very politely.  I would not promise to send those things which I cannot do.





What are the top three qualities everyone who works in customer services must have succeed?








  Potential answers

I believe that there should be 3 qualities in a customer service representative.

·       Commitment is essential as you need to be committed with the customers. So outstanding services could be provided. There should be committed to work hard to solve the problems.

·       Patience is the most important factor in this post. We have to deal with the challenging customers so patience is the most important key to maintain long term relations with customers.

·       Effective Communication is very important to guide to the customer and to deal with the customers. It helps to provide solutions to the customers in an effective way.




7 What contribution you will do for this job to solve the customer problems?


  Potential answers

I Have had dealt with few complains of the customers. I would follow following steps:

·       I would listen the customer carefully and make him feel valued.

·       If there would be any problem then I will do apologize and make him feel that I am really sorry for that.

·       I will resolve that issue

·       After that I will take feedback of the customer and if there would be any problem I will take further steps.

·       I will make a call to confirm that their problem is resolved. If there would be any further issue then I will take further steps to make him satisfy.

8. Why do you apply for the Customer service representative?


  Potential answers:


Because I have personal skills qualified me for this job like friendly, calm, good listener, like to help people, Good communication skills and I have the ability to work in a team work.


What will you do in your work to achieve to over achieve your goals?

  Potential answers

I am goal oriented and responsible. My skills of good listening. Concentration, patience and my punctuality in information helps me achieve my goals.


Have you ever take a responsibility to achieve any goal?


  Potential answers

I do not have specific preferences towards this. But if I find a chance to work in a team then it would be an opportunity for me to learn from my group members. I have cooperative nature. I also feel comfortable to work lonely so I am ok with both situations.


  How long you stay in our company?  
  Potential answers

You can see I will stay here as far as I see an opportunity for growth, as i m looking for a stability in work. I want to grow vertically and that is possible when you stay in a company for a long. I want a workforce where I can explore new challenges and opportunities.








He is an excellent candidate.


Reference Check


Section I: Applicant Information


Rana                                                    Salman

Last Name                                         First Name

Human resource managmnet       Qatar Airways/ customer serevice

Position title                                         College/Org and Department/Unit


Section II: Reference Contacted


Ali Jabbar       ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­                      Kuwait Airways                             0945678900-0865

Person Contacted                      Employer/Organization                       Phone Number


Human resource Manager                                             2years                

Position title of person contacted                Length of time known Candidate



Relationship to candidate:      □ Supervisor   □ Co-Worker   □ Academic   □ Other


Describe (if other): Human Resource Manager

Section III: Candidate Information


References related  academic background

Customer service representative                     Qatar airways         

Position title candidate held              Employer/Organization


Dates of Employment: 04/March/2019


 Reference Check for the position


Describe the duties of the candidates at your company




Why he want to leave your company?



What is his quickness of learning?





How much guidance and supervision he needs to complete any task?


o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Poor




o   Little or no supervision

o   Occasional Supervision

o   Excessive Supervision



How much abilities he has  as compared to new candidates?




o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Poor



How you would rate his overall performance and skills?



How much he is Dependent upon others?



Is he trustworthy? May everyone be able to make trust on him?




Can he take an initiate? Is he creative to do something new?


o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Unsatisfactory




o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Unsatisfactory




o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Unsatisfactory



o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Unsatisfactory




What is the rank of his attendance and punctuality?


o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Unsatisfactory



Do he have good time management and other management skills?


o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Unsatisfactory



How much he is interactive with others?


o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Unsatisfactory


How you rate his communication skills?


Do he has good written and verbal skills?



o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Unsatisfactory



o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Unsatisfactory



Do he has flexible personality? Is he able to adopt change?


o   Excellent

o   Good

o   Unsatisfactory




How you would rate his performance to produce results and outcomes?



o   Consistently high quality

o   Meets job requirements

o   Needs improvement



  1. Can you tell us about the job candidate’s job title, salary and job description? Why he want to leave job?
  2. Why this candidate is a best fit to perform these responsibilities?
  3. If you would have a new opportunity then would you like to rehire him? If yes then state the reason?
  4. Tell us about his biggest strength and weakness which can affect his performance?
  5. Has he a cooperative nature? How much he can maintain relations with his colleagues and seniors?
  6. What are the specialties of the candidate?
  7. Would you like to give me any advice to manage this candidate in an effective way?
  8. Would you like to tell me something additional about him that is necessary to know for me?
  9. Can he work in complex work environment? Does he work well under pressure?
  10. Does he make good decisions to provide an effective solution of problem at time?


Salman Rana                                                                    06/March/2019                      

Signature of Person Checking References                Date

Recommendation to Hire


To: Head of Qatar Airways

From: Selection Committee

Date: March 08, 2019

RE: Recommendation for Hire Position #, QACSD29875 Position Title: Customer service Representative


Search & selection

We were working in an effective way to choose the best candidate so position of customer service representative could be fulfilled. We are happy to tell you that we have accomplished this goal and this letter is for recommendation to hire. We did initial screening of 45 candidates and choose best 10 candidates. But after doing the telephone screening we got 4 best candidates for interview.

We called them for interview and choose a best candidate among them who is totally fit for the job. Selection committee set a 70% benchmark for the interview. On the basis of the scores we took a mutual decision. Scores is as following



Panel Members

Scores for Candidates Interviews
Trem john 87 55 66 67
Fahad Ali 72 52 67 69
Sara Noor 92 49 62 70
Average: 85 51 64 72


The candidate is fulfilling the all requirement for the job. He has high school diploma and all related skills and experience of relevant field. He has all skills related to the marketing, management and finance. He has all competencies mention in the job specification. He can work in Qatar legally. We checked his all references and all were satisfactory. On the basis of these results we would highly recommend you to hire this person for the position of customer service representative.

This letter is for your review, comments and approval. After getting your approval I would like to hire john smith for this position.

Salman Rana                              Signature of Selection Committee Chair

Akber Al Baker                          Signature of Approval to Hire from Head of Qatar Airways

Conversations for Extending a Job Offer


Conversation for extending a verbal job offer


  • Ask about the candidate
  • Tell them about yourself, company and your position.
  • Ask whether is it right time to talk with him/her
  • Thank him/her for taking some time for interview
  • Tell them reasons why they are best fit for the job. it could base on the skills and experience of the candidate.
  • Extend the offer.
  • Give them salary details
  • Motivate them by giving information about other beneficial packages of the company.

Script for call

“Hi, may I talk to John Smith? I am Salman Rana calling from the human resource deprtment of the Qatar Airways.

Is it a suitable time for you to talk to me? <Pause – let candidate respond.>

At the very first I want to say thank you because you get a time to come for interview for the position of customer service representative. You are fulfilling the all requirements for this jib position. According to your academic record, competencies and professional experience it proves that you are a best fit for this is my pleasure to offer you to join this position with a starting salary of Q. in addition the salary we will offer you a marvelous package of befits which we have already discussed with you. <Pause – let candidate respond.>

Sample Regret Letter following an Interview

March 18, 2019

West Bay, Doha


Dear Sara:

We are glad that you have applied for the interview and we efficiently appreciate your effort and spirit. But we are sorry to inform you that you are not a good fit for this position. No doubt you have a good academic and professional record but we have received more qualified and skillful applicants for this position. They are more competent and experienced.

We are thankful for your time. We have a good experience with you. If we would receive any position in our company which is best fit for you then we will prefer you in future.

We appreciate the time you took to come for an interview for our Retail Salesperson position at Zara. We are sorry to inform you, that you were not selected for the position. We received applications from many qualified candidates, several of whom have more experience working in Sales.

Best wishes for your future. We appreciate your attention toward our company.



Ms. Salman Rana

Human Resource Manager


HR Metric Time to Hire/ Fill

  • The number of days from the date of approval to create or fill the position to the date the offer was accepted
  • The number of days from the date of approval to create or fill a position to the date the candidate starts working.


Position # Department Date of Approval to create of Fill position Date Offer is accepted Date Candidate starts Working Time/Days to Hire (Using date offer is accepted) Time/Days to Fill (Date candidate starts working)
Customer service Representative Customer Service 20 feb 2019 10, March,2019 15, March,2019 20 days 25 days