Sample Law Paper on Should Guns Be Legalized in the US?

Guns are inherent in the United States. The gun culture stems from America’s colonial history, revolutionary roots, and the second amendment of the US Constitution. The constitution declares that controlled governance is essential to maintain the security of a free state; thus, people are allowed to bear and keep arms. Gun owners claim that firearms ownership enhances their sense of freedom. However, legalizing guns has adverse consequences such as gun violence, gun deaths or homicide, and domestic violence.

Firstly, the possession of guns in public places can increase the risk of gun violence. Hartargues that consumption of alcohol can result in gun violence, thus allowing possession of firearms in sports stadiums and bars can accelerate the risk of gun violence (5). Gun legislation would reduce gun-related crimes. Hence, more laws should be enacted to regulate the possession of guns in public places, which often result in crimes.

Secondly, enacting laws to control guns can reduce the rate of gun deaths and homicide. A survey conducted by Nemerovshows an increase in murders and unintentional deaths. Consequently, guns were the primary source of these deaths. An increase in the suicide rate results from an increase in firearm ownership. Therefore, enacting laws that regulate gun ownership is vital to reduce firearm suicide.

Notably, in the united states, five women are killed with guns every day. The probability of killing women during domestic violence increases tremendously, with the presence of a firearm. A study conducted by Rapchakshows that 86% of women were murdered with firearms by their partners. American women are prone to homicide and domestic violence; thus, guns should not be legalized in the united states.

In conclusion, guns should not be legalized in the united states to reduce gun-related violence, deaths, and crimes. Policy implementation concerning firearm possession would help reduce the chances of firearm injuries.



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