Sample Law Paper on UK Criminal Law

Assignment question Word count 1100 Advise the parties in the following scenarios: Mick is a member of a gang which has carried out a number of assaults. Mick has a disagreement with one of his fellow gang members, Linda and is told at midday that Linda will be coming to his house at midnight to resolve the dispute using weapons. When Linda arrives at Mick’s house, Mick is waiting with a shotgun and shoots her. Mick seeks your advice on the availability of the defence of self defence. Problem Based Exercise Questions Please refer to the Problem Based Questions Explained document for additional guidance. Problem Based Exercise/Questions A problem-based exercise or question requires the student to critically analyse the problem that has been provided. You will then need to provide a concise and comprehensive answer. ALWAYS REMEMBER ▪ Read the question CAREFULLY ▪ Identify the issues ▪ Explain the relevant rule/law — statute/case law ▪ Apply the law to the problem – statute/case law ▪ Offer a reasoned conclusion ▪ Reference your work CAREFULLY To assist you in this task, the IRAC rule may be a useful way of organising your answer. 1. Issue: identify the legal issues 2. Rule: explain what the law/rule is 3. Apply: apply the law that you discussed above to the facts presented 4. Conclude: reach a reasoned conclusion • Please refer to the OSCOLA Quick Guide and OSCOLA Referencing Guidelines, it is vital that you correctly reference any parts of your assignment that are not your original work. • You must read and satisfy yourself that you have complied with the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism requirements (see below)