Sample Law Statement of Interest in Private Investigation

Sample Law Statement of Interest in Private Investigation

I desire to be admitted as an intern investigator for Orleans Public Defenders, as I have been studying criminal justice, and now I believe it is time to gain practical experience in this field. That is why this internship would be a perfect opportunity for me to understand how the system works and learn how theoretical approaches can be employed in real circumstances.

Moreover, I can be a valuable addition to the team, as some of the experience I have might be very useful in fulfilling the obligations of the intern. For instance, I have experience in running computer searches in conducting background checks on criminals, and this will aid me in offering expertise in the department. This information will then be analyzed to obtain the pertinent information that leads to the appropriate action against the wrongdoers such as the arrest of the criminal or other suitable measures that would help in solving the cases.

Therefore, the above skills will be helpful in completing such functions as assisting with case preparation on all criminal cases brought before the Orleans Parish Criminal District, conducting research along with delving into the legal records and family histories of the criminals and the victims.

Additionally, I am well versed in interviewing people to acquire the necessary information. I have had chances of interviewing relatives of the people who go missing after crimes or those who witnessed crimes or necessary events that may offer more news about the crimes at hand. Information gathered from these will be combined with the relevant information from my research to give a leading or Evidence concerning present cases.

As an intern, I will also perform surveillance duties whenever information regarding particular people is needed. This will involve following them and watching them while ensuring that they are not aware of it. I will constantly watch what they do and where they go and report the information back. I have prior experience in the field as I previously worked for a client who needed me to perform surveillance on some people, and I always managed to offer sufficient information. Some of it involved the use of binoculars, cameras, videos and other devices with which I am well versed due to prior experience. The other added advantage is that I am willing to work on irregular hours as most of the times I worked on similar assignments during odd hours, and I managed. This will mainly be determined by the movements of the people whom I will be investigating

I also qualify for the position because I have a background in criminal justice and I have previously investigated identity theft, copyright violations, as well as cyber bullying. Further, I have had a hand in assisting during civil and criminal cases, infidelity of spouses and even insurance frauds. Some of my duties then involved the location of all deleted emails and messages that could offer more information in the cases.

The internship is vital for me because I will learn more skills as a private investigator given the reputation of the body. Additionally, I will work with people who are more experienced and skilled, sharpening my skills further. Besides, I will give them all the information that I have in the different fields of Information, ensuring that the knowledge that I bring to the table is beneficial to the entire team.