Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Career Action Plan

Executive Summary

I plan to serve as a senior manager in a challenging work environment in the next five years. To achieve my career goal, I plan to enroll for classes, attend training programs and converse with mentors and coaches to develop important learning and work experiences such as coaching, communication and leadership skills. I also intend to progressively climb the leadership ladder by taking on new professional challenges while also growing my networks and contacts.

Five-Year Career Goal

In the next five years, I plan to become a senior manager in a highly competitive company. Serving as a senior manager will give me the opportunity to take on challenging work assignments while also building my skill base as leader and manager.

Learning, Work and Professional Experiences

  1. Leaning Experiences

As a senior in charge of different projects, I will be duty-bound to measure and evaluate various project throughputs such as sales data, bills and orders. Therefore, I need to understand billing systems and other related management accounting principles and practices to effectively execute my duties. Secondly, I will need to learn team building skills which will be critical in fostering cohesion, diversity and partnership among members of the various teams I will be working with.

Action Plan:

  • Attend short course classes for management accounting within the next one year
  • Set up brief meetings over the next one year and interview mentors and members of my professional networks who hold senior management or have experience on the same. Focus the special techniques and approaches they use in handling management accounting issues.
  • Attend team training within the next six months and learn effective methods used to build collaborative teams made up of diverse members
  • Interview trainers and coaches on team building within the next two years and learn unique approaches to team building they use in their practice.
  1. Work Experiences

To effectively fit into my planned career, I also need to fundamental work experiences in addition to the various positions I have held. I need to grow my coaching skills which will come in handy when it comes to motivating high performing team members to achieve even greater success. Additionally, I also need to improve my communication skills.

Action Plan

  • Attend effective coaching classes within the next one year
  • Identify a peer coach or mentor within the next six months and learn new and effective coaching styles and skills
  • Identify an interpersonal and corporate communication coach or peer within the next four months and learn effective communication skills
  1. Professional Experiences

Slotting into my new role as a senior manager will require professional experiences. One of the professional experiences I will need is to serve in a managerial position. Secondly, I will need to lead a team in at least five projects with varying complexity.

Action Plan

  • Use my experience and education qualifications to seek for promotion to a managerial promotion within my current workplace
  • Use my current professional experience and education background to seek for new opportunities in a different organization
  • Learn new skills and competencies including leadership, corporate management through training and workshops to progress professionally

Growing Professional Networks and Contacts

  • Attend mentorship programs, organizational and industry events such as workshops, conferences and seminars within the next one year
  • Join professional bodies and attend their events and functions within the next three months.

To enhance my career progression, I will achieve work-life balance through scheduling and effective planning. This will ensure that I have enough time to attend to my professional duties while also creating for my hobbies, exercising, family and friends.

Working as a senior manager will mark a career progression since I have worked as an inventory manager and worked within the department of human resource management. I would prefer to achieve my job progression by working in different industries. This is because my academic training is not industry-specific.