Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Democratic Leadership Style

The responses to the questionnaire reveal that my leadership style is democratic. Democratic leadership style is among the highly acclaimed leadership style due to its effectiveness and inclusivity in leadership. It’s a leadership style that allows members of a group to take a more participative role in decision making hence bringing diverse viewpoints on the table. The Many Managers, Different Styles case study portrays the qualities of democratic leadership in the character of Heather, one of the managers of Lakeshore Bank. Heather is helpful and guides Vanessa in areas that she requires clarification. Her leadership style gives the employees confidence and motivates them to work even harder to achieve their objectives. Democratic leadership style dictates that leaders should spur teamwork, collaboration, and productivity (Bhatti et al., 2012). Although certain theorists purport that this leadership style can tolerate laxity, its effectiveness in finding solutions to the most pressing problems in an organization makes it a paramount and much-preferred leadership style in organizations.

Upon graduation, I intend to join in the family business that deals with transport services and logistics. There are a number of employees in different departments including drivers, supervisors, and at the managerial level. I will join in at the managerial level and the democratic leadership style will be very instrumental in steering the business in the right direction. Democratic leadership style will help me build team relationships at the workplace. By removing the barrier that exists between the management and the employees, I will be able to create an environment where communication and ideas flow seamlessly. Allowing everyone in an organization to present their ideas and ensuring that their opinion counts are a great way to increase the scope of ideas that the management can evaluate and come up with the most effective idea that will favor both the employees, the management and steer the business forward. By the virtue of using a democratic leadership style, employees’ morale will increase and they will feel more satisfied with their jobs. Democratic leadership style makes employees feel valued by the organization when their ideas and views are factored in during decision making, this creates a strong motivation and increases employee’s morale.

Democratic leadership style invites contribution and involvement from members of an organization without considering their job standing in the organization. This approach has been acclaimed to increase productivity, increase the flow of ideas and opinions, and elevate job satisfaction levels. The Many Managers, Different Styles case study portrays an employee, Vanessa who seems satisfied by the managerial style used by Heather, one of the Bank’s managers. Her leadership style motivates Vanessa to deliver optimally and makes her feel more engaged in the process of achieving the Bank’s goals and objectives. In my future post as a manager in our family business, I will apply the democratic leadership style. Apart from encouraging participation of all workers in an organization. This leadership style will be instrumental in steering the business in a positive direction. By inviting employees to be part of the process, I will be creating a sense of responsibility in each employee which will generally improve the overall productivity of the business.




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