Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Framework for Understanding the Target Population

Consider the “Framework for Understanding the Target Population” from Chapter 3 of your Social Work Macro Practice text, pages 85–86. Select a population that has been faced with issues of discrimination and oppression. Reflect on what approach you, as a human services leader, should take in understanding and serving this population and promoting community empowerment, addressing all four tasks outlined in the framework.
Use your Social Work Macro Practice textbook to read the following:

Chapter 3, “Engaging With Diverse Populations,” pages 59–86.
Chapter 5, “Understanding Communities,” pages 116–152.
Chapter 6, “Assessing Communities,” pages 153–187.
Use your Communication Between Cultures textbook to read the following:

Chapter 2, “Communication and Culture: The Voice and the Echo,” pages 25–67.
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Suggested Readings
You are encouraged to use the Capella library to read the following suggested articles:

AL-Tabbaa, O., Leach, D., & March, J. (2014). Collaboration between nonprofit and business sectors: A framework to guide strategy development for nonprofit organizations. Voluntas, 25(3), 657‒678.
Glowacki‐Dudka, M., & Murray, J. (2015). Strategies to encourage a sustainable interorganizational collaborative culture. New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development, 27(1), 3‒14.