Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Leadership Ethics

Leadership is essential in different sprees, such as the corporate sector, because it brings about coordination of activities, which enables the achievement of objectives and goals. Chapter 13 defines and elaborates leadership aspects and the factors that enable the understanding of different ethical perspectives. Notably, the chapter aims to help leaders to identify strategies that are applicable in various situations. It presents a unique approach that increases the understanding of its audience.

The chapter is divided into two sections, including ethics defined and ethical theories. The segments aid managers to understand some of the leadership ethics concepts. Specifically, the “Ethics Defined” section explains ethics as the ability to differentiate the right from wrong and choosing to what is believed to be acceptable. Alternatively, ethics can be termed as a set of rules that individuals can use to make decisions and feel comfortable with the results.  The segment also presents Kohlberg’s stages of moral development through a table that is divided into three levels and six stages. The three levels of the table include pre-conventional, conventional, and post-conventional morality while the six steps encompass obedience and punishment, individualism and exchange, interpersonal accord and conformity, maintaining the social order, social contract, and individual right, and the universal principles (Northouse & Marie n.p).

The ‘Ethical Theories’ section provides two domains of leadership and ethics: character and conduct.  The former represents some of the attributes of a leader while the latter depicts how a leader should behave. In essence, this section helps in comprehending some of the essential elements and behaviors that should be assessed in a leader. However, in examining this section, one should note that it compares self-interest and the interest of others.



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