Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Marriott Talent Management Case Study

This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

CO2 — Understand strategies for effective leadership and followership in diverse situations within an organizational setting.
CO4 — Evaluate organizational culture and change strategies to improve leadership goals and meet organizational objectives.
Access Best Workplaces 2012, Case Studies on HR Best PracticesLinks to an external site. (Society for Human Resource Management)

Read the Marriott case study (p. 32-35).

In a formal, well-researched APA paper, analyze the following:

What is Marriott doing well in terms of talent management?
How can Marriott improve their practices related to talent management?
What suggestions would you provide Marriott about its approach to talent management? Be specific.

Submit a Word Document containing your assignment and the following requirements:

Paper Requirements [3-5 pages] APA Requirements
1″ inch margins
Times New Roman 12 pt font
Title Page
Reference Page