Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Military Ethics

In any organization, the reverie of any new worker is to exploit the resource of their proficiency and demonstrate their substance as they ascent up the ranks. This course stresses that an individual should exhibit high discipline, principles, and be characteristically of virtue that is likely to influence those around them as well as anything delegated to them. In the quest to exhibit ethics and virtue, it is essential to be wise so that while being loyal to both peers and the authorities, one will not deviate from the course.

Problems Related To Loyalty the Scenarios Might Cause

A person may find themselves at crossroads of choosing which position to take as far as loyalties are concerned. It is worth noting that whatever side they choose, it does not mean that they are perfidious to the other (Military Ethics, p.46). In the professional line of duty, one is projected to maintain the best merits and beware of the welfares of the arena in which they work. At the same time, one also needs to apply the ethics of responsibility, accountability, and discipline. One outstanding thing is that one must apply restraint in decision making to guarantee that fidelities to relationships do not overtake loyalty to the law, service, or the mission (Responsibility, Accountability, and Discipline 65). Within the two present circumstances, the challenge that presents itself is being able to cut between loyalty and ethics, in the sense that the new officer will have to choose between doing what is right and displaying loyalty to a peer as well as following the instructions of a senior.

How to Handle Each Situation

In the current circumstances, individual quality, as well as valuing the rations of the law, mission, and service, must be applied with a judicious deterrent. The lady in both scenarios has to protect both the commanding officer and the peer from being trapped in a malpractice. Her inherent virtue however will cause her to politely decline both offers. Loyalty does not mean that one has to place themselves in jeopardy but that they apply ration in their decision making.


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