Sample Leadership Studies Paper on Organizational climate survey

This is an Organizational climate survey.  You have to administer the survey and analyze it.

You will do a cultural analysis of an organization using the survey.

  1. Give your Survey to at least 5 people in a selected organization and do the following:


  1. Describe the organization you chose for your analysis and tell why you selected this particular organization.
  2. Give a summary of the survey. Then talk about the findings shown from the given survey summarizing the answers under each category. Then give your personal conclusions about if and how what you saw from the survey fits the ideas Schein talks about school culture.  In doing this you are expected to connect your findings and conclusions to the key ideas discussed in class about school culture.
  3. Write a narrative analysis of the organization using the following questions:
  4. What is the nature of the organization selected?
  5. What is your sense of the culture in this organization in terms of people’s satisfaction of their jobs and their working relationship with other employees?
  6. What are the rituals, ceremonies, myths, etc., of the organization? Explain with two examples
  7. Describe the cultural descriptors you were able to identify?
  8. Is the culture healthy, ailing, or toxic? Explain with one specific scenario.


This is a 7page paper.


Rubrics for Formative Assignment


Description of the organization shows at least two concepts from organizational theories                     10
The findings are discussed well in the summary.  The summary also shows how the findings reflect the culture of the organization 15
 Judgment about the culture of the organization and explanation if the culture of the organization is healthy, ailing or toxic is clear. 15

Mechanics of the paper. Shows evidence of grammar- and spell-checking. Utilizes conventions properly. Demonstrates care in writing and re-writing. Flows. Not difficult to follow the ideas.  Clearly identifies each section of the paper with appropriate heading

Total Score 50