Sample Linguistics Paper on Experiment on Conversation interruption and Reactions

It is an unwritten rule that you should first let a person talk before weighing in the conversation. Interrupting people in conversations is considered rude. On this experiment I decided to interrupt people when talking and study their reaction. I tested this experiment at different places.

I first interrupted my friends in a conversation. We were having a heated discussion on politics while my friend was talking; I interrupted her and gave my opinion. She looked angry and asked me to let her finish her point. My other friends told me to let her speak as I had aired my views before. I felt bad because I had really angered my friends. The second incidence was when I was summoned by our club patron. He asked me whether I would attend the club trip and before he could finish his question I answered him. The club patron did not react. I felt really embarrassed as the club patron was a cool and soft spoken person.

I decided to try the experiment in a class lesson. As the instructor was explaining a point I raised my hand and asked a question. Normally questions are asked at the end of the lesson. Although he did not shout at me, I could tell that the instructor was angered by my action. His facial expressions looked angry. He politely asked me to wait for the end of the lesson. My classmates looked at me in disbelief. I felt ashamed that I had disrespected the instructor. At the end of the lesson, I went and apologized and explained the experiment I was carrying out.

After classes I decided to carry out the experiment in a different environment. I went to a book store and asked an attendant to recommend a book on health. As the attendant was listing and explaining the option, I cut him short. The attendant put on a smile and thanked me for visiting the store. I felt guilty, I had been so annoying yet the attendant was very friendly. Later in the evening, as I was talking with my mother, I interrupted her before she could finish talking. There was disbelief in her eyes. After I finished talking, she gave me a long lecture on the importance of conversation norms. She told me that the other persons point was equally important and I should let them finish before talking. I felt embarrassed and explained that it was a class experiment.

Perhaps if people are not interrupted as they talk all idea could be heard. We could all live in harmony and avoid unnecessary confrontations.