Sample Literature Essays on The Power of Woman’s Love

Love is exceedingly valuable. With all the promises and vows made, love continuous to be priceless.  The love of a woman is something that requires infinite words to explain since its depth is incalculable. A woman in this case includes mothers, sisters and wives.  When a baby is born, the laps of a woman become a safe haven. Without even uttering any word or speaking anything, a woman understands what her child wants. The love of a woman will always serve as an encouragement in any life upheavals. She is the only persons that issue no demand except for building the future of the family. As reckoned by Gerald Manley Hopkins in his poem (To R.B) “The fine delight that fathers thought; the strong”. It implies that woman is the only fine thing that everyone would desire to have in life.

            Indeed, a strong, powerful woman cares about her family without any expectations or favors but with the belief that the dreams and happiness of her children and husband will come to pass. It is easy to witness the intensity of woman’s after her child is born. Since the first day of delivery, the woman observes and monitors the child every step of the way. She provides all the comforts and needs of the child. Every woman, especially mothers have untainted hearts and always wants the best for their children, whether it is the clothing, values, toys, education and so forth. It is only a strong woman that will not make comparisons of her family. She will always feel contended with whatever has been granted to her.  Every person that has woman is lucky and understands better about love and its value. A woman is that special gift that God provides freely.  Indeed, it is the only bonding that is irreplaceable. When at times a mother seems harsh to children it is because she wants a better future for then which demonstrates the hidden love behind the anger.

The society has set a specific day within a year to celebrate women. But, I tend to disagree if that is right. Considering the sacrifices of women in trying to make the best out of their family, they should be celebrated every day. Their priceless endeavors are what determine the success of their family in life. As the old adage goes, “behind every successful man there is a woman”.  Yet, the society is almost oblivious of the existence of women. In fact, in most cases, the society has been on the frontline subjugating women. In some societies, a woman is counted as part of the husband’s property and has been made voiceless.  Some are perceived as sex objects and only deemed relevant when giving birth.  Since the inception of the world, women have been fighting unfruitful battles in the attempt of seeking relevance in the society.  Men have always dominated almost all the spheres of life. For example, globally, very few women have succeeded in advancing their political careers. This is a wrong perception yet they sacrifice a lot in trying to teach us the moral values which are relevant and applied in every step of life. A woman inspires and encourages her family to withstand the tough times. As affirmed by Gerald Manley Hopkins, “I want the one rapture of an inspiration”. The insight and inspiration of a woman is enduring since it comes without any hidden motives. Indeed, it is wrong to take women for granted. A life without a woman’s touch whether motherly or sisterly love is worthless.